Send Your Friend A "HipMail" Shiri-Moji (Butt-Writing) Video Message!

Admittedly, we Japanese are more of a boob-obsessed people rather than butt-obsessed, but there do exists a time-honoured tradition in Japan involving people's butts, called "Shiri-Moji" (lit. Butt-Letters).

It's basically a party game in which one participant (or a group of them) writes letters in the air by moving their buttocks and the other participants try to guess what they're writing. We believe it originated as a Ozashiki-asobi(Geisha games) and dates as far back as Edo period.

Anyways, Levi's Japan launched an awesome campaign site that allows you to compose a "HipMail", or a Shiri-Moji video letter, and send it to a friend or share it via Twitter and Facebook.

Read on for details and pics.

Click "Enter" to start composing letters.

You can choose English (capital letters only) or Japanese (Hiragana only).

Now start typing on your keyboard. It says "12 letters left" in the black speech bubble but the limit's for mobiles so you can ignore it if you'd be watching the video on computer.

You can use capital letters as well as numbers and some punctuation marks: we tried and found out that comma, period, exclamation mark and question mark can be used, though you can't use an apostrophe. There's a "Delete" button on the screen to make corrections but Backspace on your keyboard will also work just fine.

If you're writing a longish letter, click "List" to proofread the whole letter before sending.

Like this.

Go back to the editing screen.

And click "Finish" to see the Shiri-Moji video.

So here we wrote "GIGAZINE!" Click to see the video.
GIGAZINE! on HipMail

You can e-mail it to a friend, or share it on Twitter or Facebook.

We tried the "Tweet" button here. Your twitter homepage will open in a new tab (the popup might be blocked if you're blocking ads) and you can get a shortened URL of the video here.

Now, you migt have realised that the full URL of the video happens to contain your message, so you don't have to go through all of the above if you just want to say "Thanks" or "Love" or whatever (see the examples below). But writing it on HipMail's website would be easier if you intend to write a longish letter and shorten the URL. BIRTHDAY! YOU FREE TONIGHT? WELL SOON!

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