"Apple will continue to be the champion of the tablet market for the time being," prediction survey company surprise

PC manufacturer with the second largest share of the world marketJT Wang, CEO (CEO) of "Acer" made a bomb remark that "the share of the iPad falls to the 20% level"Although it is fresh to remember, it is completely reverse "Apple will remain the tablet market champion for the time being"The research company announced the prediction that it is.

Google's OS for mobile phonesDramatic growth of smartphones adopting "Android" penetration rate of 200 thousand units per dayAlthough it is anticipated that it will exceed the total sales volume of the iPhone in the distance not far, is it not so in the tablet market?

Details are as below.
Apple Set to Dominate Tablet Market Through 2012

According to forecasts released by survey company iSuppli, which has high investigative power, such as finding a price very close to the actual cost of the manufacturing cost of the iPhone and iPad, Apple iPad will remain an exclusive position at least until 2012 It seems to keep maintaining.

This is the share of the tablet market up to 2012 that iSuppli predicted. As of 2012, Apple accounts for 61.7%, which is about two-thirds of the total,Acer CEO remarkAnd it is totally different content. Competition products will be released one by one from the end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011, but it seems that it will take more time than expected to recover.

What is the reason for this kind of guess? In the case of the smartphone market, 29 months after the initial model of the iPhone appearedMotorola's "Droid"Was released, and after 36 monthsHTC's "EVO 4G"ISuppli says that it took a lot of time to release a product that could be a competing horse in a true sense, such as the release of the product.

Also, Android and Windows 7-based tablet terminals scheduled for release in the future will not be able to exceed the high usability which Apple realizes by vertically integrating hardware, software, and OS for the moment To point out that competitors have also pointed out that in order to "win" the iPad, not just releasing the tablet terminal just unexpectedly, it is necessary to "build in" all aspects of the device in consideration of the user's convenience That's right.

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