I encountered a track of "Unco-chan's furniture shop"

As I was traveling by car one day, "Unco's furniture store"Because the transportation truck where the unexpected shop name was written ran through, I unexpectedly shot. As you can see from the picture above, it was designed to be too innovative that I can not imagine as a furniture store, and I was blowing out a public road while releasing a tremendous impact.

Since I could not forget the figure of that track even after I returned to the editorial department, I decided to try to find out what store it is. And I discovered the homepage of "Unco-chan's furniture shop", but seems to have received a strong wind blow from unexpected place when renewing it.

Details are as below.Untitled document

Looking out of the car inside the moving car, it seems that there is too shocking domain name "unkochan.com".

Even if you see it, the character whose deformation was deformed is flying in the sky while manipulating the Kansai dialect.

The name of this character seems to be "super fly ☆ unnecomman". If you look closely it is draining from the shadow of the cloak. What is something obsolete when chaos is too much ......

As it was, this track descended from the inter. What I remained was a strong question mark with a strong shock and "What was that clone ...?"

So, I first tried searching for a site. Although the title of the page is "Untitled Document", it is certainly an official page, and live cameras that reflect the appearance inside the store are also being acclaimed. It is a fancy atmosphere with a retro reminiscent of the site design of the 90's.

Untitled document

From the site top, it links to Google Street View showing the real store where the mascot character was drawn on the wall.

Also, there are no wonderful contents even if such a track is blown up, such as a person (store manager) who made a gold tie in the site has appeared on the site.

Following the link "Go to the new homecoming house (home)" at the top of this site will lead you to the site where the mascot character welcomes you with all your strength while becoming contemporary.

However, as for the new site, the shipping fee for mail-order etc. is blank, so if you inquire by telephone, it is not possible to use net mail order yet under construction. The cause of the suspension of production is "When trying to start mail order via Yahoo!,The name of unco is not out because it is outThe discovery of the fact of shocking ... .... The shop stated that "Because people in Yahoo! are people in Tokyo," the shop says, but I only pray that mail-order will start as soon as I can overcome the east-west wall.

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