I tried staying at Kyoto's next generation capsule hotel "9h (Nine Hours)" pursuing sleep and cleanliness

Capsule hotel of Kyoto Teramachi opened in December 2009 "9h (Nine Hours)". It's not just a capsule hotel,Efficiently charge the tiredness of travel and charge sleep by staying in "Shower (1 hour)" + "Sleep (7 hours)" + "Dressing degree (1 hour)" = "9h (9 hours)" "Sleeping base "It was "Design · Capsule Hotel" made with the concept of "Design · Capsule Hotel".

Although it was quite a hot topic at the time of opening with the capsule itself of the feeling which is near futuristic and the interior and exterior to the amenity with a sense of unity from the interior, there are also a lot of people who hesitated by still saying "capsule hotel" it might be? so,I went to Kyoto on demandIn addition, I tried staying as "trying things".

Details are as below.nine hours

This place is around here. It is a 2-minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station, along the Teramachi Street, a 5-minute walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Station and Shijo Subway Station.

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the outside looks like this.

There is a convenience store next to you.

View from the front. There are also people who do not know that it is a hotel at first sight.

It is a system that puts the shoes into the locker at the entrance and deposits the keys of the foot locker at the front desk.

In-house slippers and mineral water handed over at check-in.

After check-in, elevator by gender to the locker floor. Men are on the 9th floor and women are on the 3rd floor on the locker floor. The inside of the hall is a floor separately for men and women except the first floor.

I saw the front direction from the elevator hall. It seems that it is succeeding not to feel the narrowness by the white color interior and indirect lighting, although it is Kyoto style like a narrow narrow slender property.

Lobby where wireless LAN can be used. When listening to the front we will tell you the WEP key (encryption key).

Instead of doing work for a long time, it seems to assume how to use such as checking e-mails and SNS for a while and investigating shops going from now.

Locker · shower floor. The front door is a toilet.

Inside is like this. Again here is also white.

Although it is an elongated floor plan, I do not feel that it is particularly narrow. It fairly shiny and clean.

Lockers are sliding in front of the toilet. Look for a locker with the same number as the one passed at check-in from among these.

This is a used return towel or return box in the hall.

I just opened the locker. Although it may be tough to hang a coat with a length, it is about the size of putting a jacket and shirt and putting a travel bag for about two nights and a souvenir shopping bag etc. It seems better to leave bigger suitcases etc at the front desk.

I went to the interior that was in the locker.

Tops of five sleeves have a logo on the back.

If the size does not match please replace with the stock on this shelf OK.

The back of the locker space is a sink. I will brush your teeth here and do the dressing before checking out in the morning.

On the right hand toothbrush, hair dryer, tissue etc are prepared. The dryer seemed to be Muji's good product.

The original hand soap smelled good like herbs. Linden Blossom (lindenIt is the scent of flower).

A clear toothbrush is a stiff type of hair. Toothpaste isShowa brush Co., Ltd.Made "Medicated Beauty 21It was a product called.

Go further down and a shower booth. At this time it seemed that it was just after cleaning at noon, all the doors were open.

Shampoo of small sachet wrapped in one on the right. Bath towels and face towels are prepared in the back.

Since it is only necessary to take as many as you need, you can take a shower twice before going to bed at night and before checking out in the morning, if you are bringing a shampoo for traveling, so that there is no waste It is getting.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap from the left. allSilicon freesoJade Skin Soap Co., Ltd.Made. This is also the scent of the same "Linden Blossom" as the hand soap. By the way, in the editorial department "LuxThere was also an opinion that "It is similar to" it is unanimous in that it is "good fragrance" in terms of "good fragrance" or "stinky".

I looked through the shower booth. The front is the undressing space.

The shower head is rather large. On the left hand side is a shelf on which to place shampoo and so on, and a trash can discard empty bags.

When closing the door of the frosted glass in the back, there is a sign like "bathtub is there".

Then I followed that sign ... ...

You can see a bathtub behind the corridor-like zone.

It seems that it was just after cleaning at the time of shooting, but hot water was stretched when using the shower at night. When walking around the streets of Kyoto, when your legs are tired, you can also recover fatigue not only with shower but also with hot water.

At the end of exploring the rocker / shower floor once, it finally moved to the capsule floor. The two doors on the left are toilets, the door on the front is the entrance to the capsule zone.

I opened the door. In search of a number on the floor, look for a capsule with the same number as the locker.

Closing the entrance door will make it quite dark, but at this time only the capsule of my own was on, so I was able to find it soon. It seems that the capsule of the corresponding number will light up at check-in.

So let's get into the capsule.
YouTube - Capsule hotel "9h (Nine Hours)" in Kyoto, Inside of capsule

The person in the upper stage is designed to go up the ladder at the location of the locker number and enter the capsule. Some people may feel a little nostalgic like a bunk bed. Capsules in the upper row and the lower row line up alternately, so that people do not sleep right above.

An atmosphere like SF movies that I would like to call "sleep pod" rather than capsule. I feel it's not amusing to be inside a spaceship.

On the left and right bedside, shelf that seems to be good for keeping keys of mobile phones and lockers etc. In addition, it is a rule to keep mobile phones in silent mode in the hall to avoid trouble for sleeping people.

A pillow that fits the curve of the inner wall of the capsule. A reasonable structure that arranged four different materials into six divisions supports posture during sleep and helps natural turning. Certainly, my pillow did not stiffen my shoulders and I felt comfortable.

From the left side of the panel, power supply, emergency button, room light, clock. When you do reading etc. before going to bed, you can brighten the lighting with the room light switch.

There is no wireless LAN in the capsule, but if you carry a communication card etc, it is not that we can not do work etc. here. However, typing sounds etc may interfere with people sleeping, so it seems better to refrain them especially at night.

On the right side is the operation panel of "bedroom environmental system". When setting the wake-up time and activating the system slowly gets darker, as you get closer to the wake-up time the next morning it gets brighter gradually and you can wake up gently. With lightCircadian rhythmIt may be good for people with jet lag, especially from overseas travelers, because it corrects.

With the "room light" button on the left, the light does not disappear, so I got back a little at first, but if you do not use the "bedroom environment system", you can turn it off with the rightmost "sleep" button.
YouTube - Capsule hotel "9h (Nine Hours)", capsule off

I saw the inside out of the capsule.

The entrance is in a roll screen style and there is no key.

Closed place. Since it is not completely sealed, the soundproofing is not high and it is enough for someone to hear such a turning sound, so it may not be suitable for nervous people. In order to prevent waking up to the surrounding people, an alarm sound alarm is not prepared, but the editorial staff who stayed at this time is a type that wakes up to dawn every morning because it is shallow asleep, unfortunately it is not good in the morning It was not possible to judge whether a person could actually be awakened only by light without an alarm sound

As a comment that I tried staying, I feel that there is a choice for a single trip other than a business trip by a non smoker (which is a non-smoking site). Instead of omitting what you do not need for a "business center for sleep" although it is located in an ordinary business hotel such as lounge, TV, refrigerator, internet connection in the room, "sleep" and "tired of traveling It was an impression that thoroughly sticking to the part involved in "washing away", preparing something of high quality. Everywhere you look, cleaning is perfect and there is a very clean feeling, neither the shower nor the sleeping capsule has "a sense of tightness", but it is a feeling to maintain some privacy.

Also, I felt that the best season would be spring summer, because the interior was totally cool, as the lockers might feel small in the winter when luggage such as coats and mufflers increased. I can not declare assertion because I have never stayed in winter, but I feel that it is suitable for the summer's luxurious overnight trip.

Because it was the first time to stay at the capsule hotel itself, there is no comparison target, but whether you feel that 4900 yen per night is expensive or cheap depends on what you are looking for. People who enjoy sightseeing and meals outside from morning till evening and only sleep by taking a shower in the hotel, those who seek "cleanliness" and "rationality" in accommodation may try to stay overnight .

August 19, 2010 22: 10 postscript:Furthermore, staying within 9 hours becomes cheaper "Basic charge + hour price"It seems that the new fee system of" It is introduced from July 2010.

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