Roman fighting carriage racer earned more than modern top athletes

Sports athletes who are said to be earning the most in the world (earning)Tiger WoodsIn 2009, Economic Journal Forbes "The world's first $ 1 billion earned athlete"It is reported as.

However, Tiger Woods may be the world's first "one billion dollars (about 86 billion yen)" earned, but in Roman timesChariot(Combat carriage) was usedTank raceThe top racer, when converting to the monetary value of the present day, said he was earning a huge amount that is not comparable with Woods.

Details are as below.Greatest of All Time by Peter Struck - Roundtable | Lapham's Quarterly

movies"Ben HarEven the familiar tank race is one of the most popular sports in the Roman Empire,Cirko MassimoIt seems that 250,000 spectators gathered for the race held at.

Light-equipped racer (coworker) with a leather helmet, breastplate, snake paddle boarded a chariot drawn by a horse, started with a signal to let the emperor drop the napkin held by the emperor, and make a round of the stadium 7 times . It is not unusual to die from falls or falls from Chariot, and the guys were equipped with knives to cut off the competitors approaching themselves and to cut the reins that came down at the time of falling. I survived the severe lap of seven laps, and when I ran into the top three, I got a lot of prizes and prizes.

Even todaySlumAlthough the success story of the athlete of sports player gives hope to people, in the Roman times too, the race player of the tank race comes from lower class, many heroes are able to be active, being able to become a millionaire can be a modern star athlete . The coach belonged to a team called team color called red, blue, white and green, and the team received financial support from the sponsor, and was managing Horse · Chariot and training the managers. There may be a part that is also familiar with motor sports such as F1. Whether each team has enthusiastic fans, and that the excellent man has inquiries from various teams is also like the contemporary professional sports.

A particularly popular active player was sung to a poet and painted on mural paintings, so that he could fame his name in the whole Mediterranean region and carved his name in history. Also, as with modern sports athletes, there was no commercial contract etc, but it was said that we were able to acquire huge wealth with just prize money.

Among them, the earliest earner was the Spanish series of the second century ADLusitaniaperson'sGaius Appuleius DioclesIt was said that there was a reputation for a powerful last sport. After starting at the age of 18, he played in the white team for 6 years and after joining the green team for 3 years, he moved to the red team and retired at the age of 42, until he retired at the age of 42, a long 24-year career as a tank racing player Sent. According to the inscriptions of the monument built in Rome by the same industry racer and fans in 146 victory, he won the 4 race championship race in 4257 race with the winning of 1462 races, he said, "42, 7, and 23 By the time I retire as "Champion in all Chariot rides", 35,886 3120CestelliusIt is said that he got the prize money.

University of PennsylvaniaAccording to Associate Professor Peter Struck, this 35863 3120 Cestellius is 5 times the reward earned by the Regional Secretary who was the highest salary at the time in the same 24 years, and can buy cereals to support Roman citizens for a year The forehead, salary of all the soldiers of the Imperial Army of the time when the Roman Empire boasted the greatest power is said to be 1/5 years 'worth (2.4 months' worth). Considering this to be about the same amount as the current US military salary in the same period, it means that it is $ 15 billion (about 1.2 trillion yen).

Although tank racing is a life-spanning sport, considering that a soldier is also a life-threatening occupation, it feels like 'I am too much', but the difference between rich and poor is far greater than in modern times, wealth is limited In the Roman era when people were concentrating on people, it may be that "people making earnings have earned tremendously".

However, it is true that there were those who died in the competition life of just a few years or months with the shadow of Gaius Appuleius Diocles who reigned at the summit for 24 years and gave a brilliant grades. Gaius Appuleius Diocles, who gained inferior long-term career as a superstar in exceptional circumstances, became a superstar by his ability, carved his name in history, and gained inferior property to the Roman aristocrat from the poor, was one of the most active athletes in history Is not it good to say that?

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