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It will be several days until the July 27, 2012 where the London Olympic Games will be held, but in reality there are hundreds of trillion yen of money involved in the Olympic Games. English business magazine "Fortune"For example, the cost of the London Olympic Games is $ 40 billion (about 3 trillion and 17 billion yen), and what other money for the Olympic Games using the chart of Nicolasrapp who is also a graphics director at the same paper It is clarifying whether there is a flow of.

The (very big) bucks behind the Olympics |

◆ Expenses ranking for the Summer Olympics

First place: $ 43 billion (about 3.4 trillion yen) (2008 Beijing Olympics)
Second place: $ 40 billion (about 3.1 trillion yen) (2012 London Olympics)
3rd place: $ 15 billion (about 1.19 trillion yen) (1992 Barcelona Olympics)
4th place: $ 14 billion (about 1.11 trillion yen) (2004 Athens Olympics)
5th place: $ 8 billion (about 630 billion yen) (Seoul Olympics in 1988)
6th: $ 7 billion (about 550 billion yen) (1996 Atlanta Olympics)
7th place: $ 5 billion (about 400 billion yen) (2000 Sydney Olympics)
8th: 1 billion dollars (about 79 billion yen) (1984 Los Angeles Olympics)

For example, the London Olympics is expected to incur much more expenses than the amount expected at the outset.

◆ The cost of security in London

The breakdown of the tax burdens borne by the people accompanying the Olympics is as follows.

· $ 3.1 billion (approx. 250 billion yen): preparation of site for stadium and infrastructure improvement
· $ 1.9 billion (approx. 150 billion yen): Maintenance of venue
· $ 1.4 billion (about 110 billion yen): Maintenance of transportation
· 1.4 billion dollars (about 110 billion yen): Other Olympic plans
· $ 1.4 billion (about 110 billion yen): security (including accidental items)
· $ 4 billion (about 320 billion yen): other (including media support)

After the announcement that London hosted the 2012 Olympics on July 7, 2005, terrorist attacks occurred in public transportation and 56 people died. In order to prevent this again, and to protect the 25,000 players, coaches, their families, members of the Olympic Committee (and 700 thousand travelers), the security costs are 1.4 billion It seems to be dollar (about 110 billion yen). This summer, London will become like a fortress due to the Royal Navy aircraft carrier of England, the fighter "Euro fighter", the pilot, more than 23,000 security guards (including about 13,500 mercenaries), surveillance cameras etc. It is.

◆ Swimmers swim in the money

American men's swimmerRyan RochteThe breakdown of 2012 income for 2012 is like this.

· 500,000 dollars (about 40 million yen) (+ bonus bonus due to winning medals): Sponsor fee by Speed ​​Company
· 500,000 dollars (about 40 million yen): sales by fitness video
· 300 thousand dollars (about 24 million yen) (+ medal bonus bonus): sponsor fee by Gatorade
· $ 300,000 (about 24 million yen): Sponsor fee by Gillette
· $ 300,000 (about 24 million yen) (+ automobile): Nissan sponsorship fee
· 250,000 dollars (about 20 million yen): Sponsor fee by AT & T Inc.
· $ 30,000 (about 2.4 million yen): US Swimming Fund
· $ 100,000 (about 8 million yen): other

In the United States, 93 million people will spend $ 1.4 billion (about 110 billion yen) each year in bathing suit. This means that there are abundant sponsors and financial support organizations for professional swimmers. For example, the American swimmer, Ryan Rochte, who came out earlier, is expected to win the gold medal with a freestyle of 200 meters and backstroke, but this year it is worth $ 2.3 million (about 180 million yen) It is expected to earn. Besides that, there is also income from fitness video, and we plan to advance into fashion world in future. And the team mate who won the total of 16 Olympic medalsMichael PhelpsIs declaring that "London is the last Olympic Games", which will increase the income of Locté.

◆ A boat player has one or two jobs separately

The breakdown of the income of the American boat team is like this.

· $ 1.6 million (approximately 127 million yen): Grants from the Olympic Committee
· 900,000 dollars (about 71 million yen): Grant money
· 500,000 dollars (about 40 million yen): Ticket income
· $ 300,000 (about 24 million yen): Sponsor
· $ 200,000 (about 16 million yen): other

America is one of the few countries that does not put money on Olympic athletes. So, Olympic athletes need to get money from the American Olympic Committee, corporate sponsors and individual sponsors. Grants from the American Olympic Committee are distributed to 39 Olympic sports, which cover 5% to 95% of the spending resources. However, sports and teams that are not popular and do not have a corporate sponsor need to earn money themselves. For example, an American boat team needs to earn 90,000 dollars (about 7 million yen) to hold a golf competition and go to London. The salary of members of the American boys' boat team is 400 dollars (about 32,000 yen) to 1000 dollars (about 80,000 yen) a month. Members find a lodging place during training and have one or two separate jobs. In contrast to the United States, boats are a popular event in the UK, and the Olympic fund has at least $ 43 million (about 3.4 billion yen).

◆ Does NBC's investment in the Olympic Games succeed?

The breakdown of the income of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is as follows and the dark blue part is income from NBC.

· $ 800 million (about 63 billion yen): Los Angeles / Sarajevo
· 1.2 billion dollars (about 95 billion yen): Seoul / Calgary
· $ 1.9 billion (about 150 billion yen): Barcelona / Albertville
· $ 2.6 billion (about 210 billion yen): Lillehammer / Atlanta
· $ 3.8 billion (about 300 billion yen): Nagano / Sydney
· 4.2 billion dollars (about 350 billion yen): Salt Lake City / Athens
· $ 5.5 billion (about 440 billion yen): Turin / Beijing

In June 2011, NBC, one of the three largest networks in the United States, announced the $ 4.3 billion (about 350 billion yen) for the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to acquire the right to broadcast the Olympic Games until 2020, I paid. This is exactly at the shelf for IOC, which is about half of the fee you get from the entire broadcasting station. The main expenditure of NBC is $ 775 million (about 61 billion yen) for Sochi, the Russian Olympic Winter Games, and $ 1.2 billion (about 95 billion yen) for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. However, the NBC lost 223 million dollars (about 18 billion yen) at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and should have learned that the Olympic broadcast is not a reliable investment. Nonetheless, NBC believes that Olympic broadcasting is a good opportunity to advertise the fall program (despite having a possibility of failing).Michael PhelpsIf you are a star like, you can raise the rating, so you can expect to see many inspiring "one piece of life" like treating the heart.

As for the Olympic commercialism, "Olympics and commercialismThere is a book called "Olympics and Commercialism - amber texture"The content was introduced," The Athens convention of 1896, the beginning of the modern Olympics, was fundamentally held with donation. "" The Los Angeles Olympics is the first full-time privately owned "The deficit was not allowed in the Olympic games that were made", and so on, and so on, are written about interesting things.

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