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OisisWe launched a new product "Larry oil France" using linseed oil that was rolling out, so I bought it and tried it.

It is the industry's first attempt to use rice oil with a commercial breakfast breadProduct development staff blogAlthough it is written, it certainly feels that the combination of lacquer and bread is quite novelty. It is a dish using "Mayonnaise sauce with linseed oil", but what kind of finish is it on at all?

Details are as below.This, Oishi Initiable! ~ Product Development Staff Blog ~: I like Oisis bread

This is Larry France France (125 yen including tax)

It means that it was baked with mayonnaise sauce containing linseed oil.

Even just a red package reminds me of hotness, but by warning notice or expectation for that spicy or such anxiety, that kind of thing rises at a stretch.

Illustration of garlic and red pepper near the French bread main body peeping out from the character of "rice" of oil (oil). It is supposed to be summer bread, but from the package you can feel a Chinese atmosphere.

Looking at the raw material, there is a notation "semi-solid dressing with oil". I wonder if this is the taste of Raritan France.

Calories are 393 kcal per piece

I tried out it from the bag. It looks like a normal French bread, but as soon as it is opened, a tremendous garlic smell ... .... It feels as if garlic has further condensed the smell of France. In addition, there is no problem when eating in the bag as it is, but if you touch the bread directly with hands it will get oil and may need a little care.

Looking at the cross section, it seems that the middle of the bread is filled with mayonnaise with linseed oil. Although it seems that there are few mayonnaise in appearance, the taste balance was very good as the taste of mayonnaise itself is firm as you try it. It was spicy, which was also written in the note, but the editorial staff who are not good at hot paintings are never good at the level that they can eat mushamsha, it was unexpectedly mild.

I noticed that when I looked back over the back of the package, it got even more delicious when heated in an oven toaster for about 1 minute.

So cut it in half and try toast for 1 minute.

The one that the toast toasted, the one that was left as it was from the bag on the right. It burned a little. As compared with eating, personally I felt that the toasted one emphasized the fragrance of the French bread itself, I felt close to the bakery's bread, and it certainly felt the taste was up . However, regardless of whether it is toasted or not, rather than saying French bread with a flavor of rice oil, it is a taste of "I made Atsuta French taste when I made a summer bread using rice oil," that taste of the oil that I eat I think that it is a perfect dish when you want a spicy summer bread such as Akuta France, rather than when you are looking for it.

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