"Next-generation vending machine" appears, with user's automatic discrimination function, large screen touch panel, communication function etc.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an indispensable existence in today's society, but today, a "next generation vending machine" that uniquely touches today's vending machine has appeared today.

It has a number of advanced functions including the function of displaying the recommended item by automatically identifying the user and the large screen touch panel, which made it possible for detailed attention to the user that could not be realized by the conventional vending machine It is.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Dream Beverage Vending Machine Echinaca to Full Expansion ~ Next Generation Vending Machine with Marketing Brains ~

According to the press release of JR East affiliated company JR East Japan Business, the company will develop two next-generation vending machines ahead of JR Shinagawa Station from Tuesday, August 10, It is said that about 500 units will be deployed in Ekinaka.

The newly introduced next-generation vending machine not only can express the appeal of the original product by installing a 47-inch large-size touch panel display but also enables the user to operate it simply and fun, the upper sensor It is also possible to judge the user's age and sex by the user, and to display recommended products tailored to the user. By the way, data used for user's discrimination is not saved in consideration of personal information.

This is the next generation vending machine.

Furthermore, by making product appeal according to the season, time zone, environment, it is possible to evoke user demand, the image of the item sold out disappears, and by replacing the item with inventory, it is possible to make money " It is sold out when you put a button and push the button "can be avoided.

The display when the user is away from the vending machine, the approaching state, the display at the time of purchasing the goods is like this. All products are displayed in image.

By supporting "Mobile WiMAX" service of 40 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps uplink, fresh content is constantly delivered, and in the event of a disaster, as a "disaster support vendor", it is necessary to offer drinks instantly and free of charge remotely It is also possible.

In addition, by adopting special racks, we can also sell products of special shape that are being sold for convenience stores, so we can design products that are easy to hold, such as PET bottles that adopted Coca-Cola's universal design It seems to be expected to be put on.

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