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"Say "Sir" before and after you fucking with your mouth"It is fucking as if towering"The unexpected fuck still has the fight!"You can come and pick up your favorite house and fuck my sisterStarting with Sergeant Hartman who thoroughly defeated recruits with a terrible vocabulary such as "The man who runs away is Viet Cong! The man who does not run is a trained voticon!"Stanley Kubrick directed movie" Left a lot of serious lines "Full metal jacketIt seems that free distribution of "is done.

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"Full Metal Jacket" is directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1987, and it deals with the Vietnam War. It is based on the novel by Gustav Husford, but in the original work it was almost half of the severe training at the Marine Corps recruitment place which was not that long part, and the gorgeousness here is particularly talkative I will.

Although it is a famous story, he is playing Sergeant Hartman who knocks down recruits at this recruitment officeR · Lee · A · MeiHe originally belonged to the Marine Corps and was also a veteran of the Vietnam War, and he was scheduled to serve as a technical advisor in this movie. However, when he was performing acting guidance, he seems to have been given sergeant supervisor from Kubrick to the seriousness of the vocabulary. Tim Corseri, who was supposed to serve Hartman seriously, seems to have been quite dissatisfied with this, but as a helicopter role played in place "The man who runs away is Viet Cong! The man who does not run is a trained voticon! The real battlefield is hell! FuhahahahaI'm showing a phantasm.

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