Mobile dryer "Dryer Box" that can recover submerged cell phone cheaply in 30 minutes

In the case that the mobile phone is submerged, the most troublesome thing is that data such as the address book, mail, photograph etc is lost, but it is possible to recover cheaply in a short time as short as 30 minutes MachineDryer box"Has appeared.

If it can not be recovered, it seems that no charge is required.

Details are as below.
Restore submerged mobile phone in 30 minutes - Mobile dryer "Dryer Box"

According to the official page of JMC Risk Solutions, the company seems to be deploying a mobile dryer "dryer box" that recovers by drying without disassembling the wet or submerged cellular phone.

Just remove the battery pack from the wet or submerged cell phone, put it in the dryer box, push the operation start button, the drying time is about 30 minutes. Because it dries on the spot without disassembling mobile phones, it is safe to use without risk of leakage of personal information such as telephone directory.

The "dryer box" has already been introduced as "Mobile phone memory restoration service" to each store including Yodobashi camera multimedia Akiba from February this year, and when the service usage fee is completely restored after drying 1000 yen. If it does not recover it is free.

By the way, as of August 8, the Yodobashi Camera that is developing this service is the following six stores.

· Multimedia Akiba
· Multimedia Yokohama
· Multimedia Kawasaki Ruflon
· Multimedia Kichijoji
· Shinjuku West Exit Head Office
· Multimedia Umeda

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