Sofmap, start service that physically destroys HDD etc in front of user

A large-sized mass merchandiser "Sofmap (Sofmap)" which handles the sale of PCs and digital home appliances, has launched a service that physically destroys HDDs in front of users.

People who have been suffering from anxiety such as "someone pulling the HDD out and restoring the data" when disposing of personal computers that are no longer used, and who can not know how to destroy the HDD It may be good news.

Details are as below.
Sofmap store news | storage media destruction service (data erase) |

According to Sofmap's official page, it seems that we started a service that physically destroys HDDs, mobile phones, DVD-R and Blu-ray discs in front of users. Price is 980 yen per HDD, mobile phone.

Dedicated machines are used for destruction of HDD, etc. Processing time is about 10 seconds per one. The damaged HDD is returned to the user or supposed to be recycled by Sofmap to collect it free of charge.

Images before and after destruction look like this

Price list. It takes 500 yen separately to remove the HDD from the PC

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