It is like a ghost of World War II, a picture that synthesized the present and the past of the same place

Russian photographer who synthesized photos during World War II and recently taken pictures in the same placeSergey LarenkovI will introduce Mr.'s work.

It is as if a ghost of World War II appeared in the city of daytime as it blends into the current landscape of Berlin, Vienna, Moscow and St. Petersburg as if past black and white photos fade in.

Details are as below.Sergey_larenkov

Berlin in 2009 ·Tigger ParkIt appeared in 1945Tiger Tank.

Between 2009 and 1945Houses of Parliament. In 1933German Parliament Building Arson CaseIt was burned with fire, restored in 1999.

Stand on the stairs of the parliament buildingGeorgie Jukkov(Supreme Commander of the German Occupation Forces of the USSR).

Currently the flag of Germany is listed, but on April 30, 1945 (the day Hitler committed suicide)Red ArmyBy soldierFlag of VictoryWas raised in the parliament.

Vienna in 2010 ·Hofburg PalaceThe Soviet soldiers in 1945 walking in front of.

City of Vienna.

Moscow in 1941 and 2009,Zwolskaya Street(Old gorky street).

According to one theory it is said that one million civilians have diedLeningrad siege battleSo, Mr. Larenkov's grandparents said that they both defended the city. The following works are the series produced by Mr. Larenkov in 2009 in commemoration of the 65th anniversary from Leningrad's liberation (January 18, 1944).

Work entitled "The 124th Tank Corps".

The horse race image of Peter the GreatBronze knightTourists to take a commemorative photo in front of. Leningrad Siege During the war, this statue was protected with a wooden frame and a sandbag. As long as "Bronze Knight" is safe, it seems there was a legend that St. Petersburg is safe.

Is this being buried to protect the sculpture?

Russian National LibraryBefore.

Palace squareFire gun set at.

In the Leningrad where the replenishment of the land was interrupted by the rapid advances of the German army with little advancement of the citizen, the cereals were lost due to the air raids, and when the surrounding of September 1941 was completed, the remaining amount of the distributed food was cereals , Meat and livestock for about one month, and sugar for 2 months. It is said that in the winter, the hunger hell is going down, the miserable situation of eating human meat from the dead body has become normal. Including specimens of seed potatoes that could also be ediblePlant seed collectionThere are also botanists who starved to death while preserving.

In addition to this you can see many of Sergey Larenkov's works from the following links.

Блокада Ленинграда

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