Ten monuments dedicated to heroes

It is a monument dedicated to heroes who fought in the battlefields of the world and soldiers who scattered. Even though it was originally intended for spiritual and memorial purposes, there are many things that have been touristized now, and there are many things like easy drop-in when traveling, but considering its significance, you can go with a light feeling I feel that it is not.

Details are as below.
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Mărăşeşti Heroes Mausoleum(Romania)

It was held in the summer of 1917 during the First World WarBattle of MalashestiA monument built to memorialize the person who passed away. In the battle, the Romanian army lost 24,000 people including 610 officers, but managed to defeat the German army. There are 6000 soldiers buried in the basement of the facility, and flags, weapons, artillery, and loot are buried in the other.

Ataturk Temple(Turkey)

AnkaraIt is said to be one of the places to see when you go to Ataturk Mausoleum. The first president of Turkey, a soldier who can be called the father of modern TurkeyMustafa Kemal AtatürkIt is dedicated to the furniture and military uniforms he used and is exhibited.

Ghetto Square in Warsaw(Poland)

During the Second World War, the German army gathered the Jews in a residential district called Ghetto and dwelled. Among them,WarsawThe ghetto of the gig was especially large. In the ghetto, only 700 grams of bread was served per week per person, and it was presumed that of the approximately 400,000 Jewish people housed, there were 150,000 people who were not able to clothes. Diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and influenza spread from synagogues (Jewish chapel) where people gather, and in 5/4 1942 there were 5,000 deaths per month. Among them, Germany began "expelling" Jews from the ghetto, but the Jews who realized that this expulsion was sent to concentration camps rather than being sent to labor camps rebelled against Germany I woke you.Warsaw · Ghetto uprising). In about a month the insurgency was suppressed, nearly 56,000 Jews were killed. In Warsaw there is a monument on this uprising.

Nelson memorial pillar(England)

Made for Trafalgar Square,Admiral Horatio NelsonA monument to commemorate. Nelson was the Admiral of the British Navy and defeated the Spanish fleet in 1805Battle of TrafalgarIt was built to commemorate the victory of. Nelson himself was killed in the middle of the battle, although he won the victory. The memorial pillar was produced by architect William Rileton in 1838. It is built facing the direction of Westminster Palace, the height of the pedestal is 46 m, and there is the Admiral statue of 5 m above it.

Admiral Nelson stands on a memorial pillar.

Yasukuni Shrine(Japan)

Yasukuni Shrine was established in 1869 as "Tokyo invitation company", renamed "Yasukuni Shrine" in 1879. At present, 2.6466532 pillars are enshrined. This includes people who died in the Boshin War / Meiji Restoration as a new government army side, those who died in the Pacific War.

Battle of SommeA monument(France)

In 1915 the Wales 38th division landed in France and in July 1916 I participated in the battle of Somme, the biggest battle of the First World War. The Mametz Forest that the 38th Division was in charge was the biggest on this battlefield, and there was a valley called Death Valley and it was necessary to attack from that narrow road (___ SAIRO) in order to attack. The 38th division who attacked here from the front became a prey to the German machine guns waiting for and gave over 5,000 casualties. The monument itself was in Materz 's church in 1920, but in 1980 a veteran' s statue of red dragon, a symbol of Wales, was placed.

Sherman Memorial(America)

The square in one corner of Central Park in New York City Manhattan is Grand Army Plaza. Here is one of the most famous general in America,William Tecumseh ShermanThere is a horse riding image of. General Shaman belonged to the Union Army during the Civil War,General GrantAlong with Vicksburg 's battle, I brought my battle results at the battle of Chattanooga. The statue was produced by sculptor Augustus Saint-Godens in 1903.

Marine Corps war dead monument(America)

Arlington National CemeteryA monument in the shape of placing the stars and flags in the battle of Iwo Jima. It is dedicated to all Marines who died since 1775.

People's Heroes Memorial(China)

A monument built in Tiananmen Square, commemorating the heroes who died in the revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries. Design is Liang Guan. Currently it is guarded severely and you can not approach.

Kurti Hero Memorial(Ukraine)

A revolution in February occurred in Russia in 1917, and an autonomous organization was formed in Ukraine due to that revolution. It was the organization called Ukrainian Central Lada that became the center, on 30th November 1917The Ukrainian People's RepublicThe declaration of the formation of. However, the Soviet government decided to invade Ukraine for military. On January 14, 1918 Soviet's Kurti station near Kiev stationBolshevikArmy and Central Lady Army crashed. The monument memorialized the young students who scattered in this battle, was built in August 2006.

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