Finally, if "DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)" appears in PS 3, Konami announces

As released as a game for arcade in 1998, home game machine version also gained popularity as moving from whole body to exercise becomes "exercise"DanceDanceRevolution (Dance Dance Revolution)Konami announced that it is due to appear in PS3 at last.

Details are as below.
Konami | Facebook

According to the official account of Konami established on major SNS "Facebook", PS3 version "DanceDanceRevolution" is going to be held in Los Angeles, USA on 12th August local time.

An image uploaded by Konami to Facebook. PS 3 version will finally come out.
Konami's Photos - Bulletin Board Photos | Facebook

Although the details of the PS3 version are unknown at the present moment, will the special controller be released again?"PlayStation Move" motion controller for PS3 which appealed extensively at "E3 2010"Whether or not we will use it is also a matter of concern.

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