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Net research 's eye share went on,Questionnaire on "Cool Biz" that reduces CO2 emissions by setting the room temperature during cooling in the summer to slightly higher 28 degreesAccording to a businessman wearing a suit, it became clear that Cool Biz is not necessarily comfortable.

While 70% of the workers wearing a suit answers that the workplace is "hot", 80% of their workplace has the fact that it is introducing cool biz is. Cool Biz 's initiatives themselves should include the work of light work instead of weakening air conditioning, but this response will make it feel like there are realities that it is not always possible to deal with it alone.

So, tomorrowJuly 6. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 6th one year ago.

Movie in which the fireworks fall to the ground without exploding in the air and explode - GIGAZINE

A sign of fear that appeals to the driver the dangers of driving in case of rain - GIGAZINE

The missing pet cat suddenly breaks into a TV debate program - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Waranote: About the matter Mr. Hayashi also made(spirit,"As you can imagine, this "brother" is nothing but your imaginary existence"Professor Hayashi, famous for it, will give out further name answers)

25 years old, neat but my parents are seriously injured: a happy new year(Life, at an unavoidable stage any more)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Makers of abalone cultured Hachioji in the forest, to commercialize - Society("Closed circulation type onshore farming" which is completed in inland areas using food, tap water and salt is national first)

Choshu wwww food education brochure wwwww - Ogikido style BLOG(Education, it is passing the dimension called insanity)

ASCII.jp: I tried using a large A mount lens for α at NEX - 5 | Sony's mirrorless single lens "NEX" to master!(I tried using the A mount lens for α using the mount adapter "LA-EA 1" that can mount a camera, A mount lens for the conventional α series)

Mobile version Firefox is coming to Android! - @ IT(Software, mobile version Firefox is about to realize, basically desktop version of Firefox itself ported)

10 websites that are familiar with computer history - CNET Japan(It may be useful for those who want to learn more about the history of computers and PCs)

Digital Camera Utilization Cram School: Try "YouTube Video Editor" Movie Editing Tool to Complete Online (1/2) - ITmedia Digital Camera Plus(Net service, complete complete online, method of video editing in video editor)

【Report】 Velocity 2010 - Google, as long as you can make the most of network bandwidth, the web will explode! | Online | My Communication Journal(It is necessary to update protocols and infrastructure as IT and network speed increase)

Twitter is planning a new flash marketing advertisement EarlyBird: in the looop: ITmedia Alternative · blog(Internet service, general account providing limited items)

Google Analytics, is it real time? First we start offering real-time access analysis function at Blogger(Net service, because there were many requests for real-time information display)

A place where eternal life can be acquired, 4 human body freezing storage facility in Russia International News: AFPBB News(International, head only about 900,000 yen, whole body about 2.6 million yen)

Hot Dog Rape Early Child, Mr. Kobayashi, Arrested at NY: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(International, rival is detained as trying to rush to the stage immediately after victory)

An overturning truck exploded, 230 people died Congo Democratic Republic Photo 4 International news: AFPBB News(International, although the oil was leaking, the villagers came to collect oil without listening to what they said)

CM's father dog, father in real life Birth of a puppy to Kai - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)(Memo, a child of Hokkaido dog · Kai who is popular as a role of "father" in SoftBank Mobile's CM was born, became a father in real sense)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): non alcoholic beer, each company does not have power liquor taxes high profitability - business · economy (1/2 pages)(Because there is no economy and no alcohol, it is not subject to liquor taxes, but the over-the-counter price is almost the same as "third beer" so it is a dollar box product)

Current affairs dot com: beer celebration, totally non-smoking = in favor of referendums - Germany(There are also waves of smoking cessation at overseas, world famous beer festival)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Governor Togawahara "Extremely serious" With new investigation of doubt of foot and mouth disease - Society(Governor has appealed the importance of disinfection again while the cancellation of restricted areas of movement and discharge such as society and livestock are postponed)

Do not miss clothing, do not miss suspicious objects ... Demonstration experiment at Narita: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Depending on traffic and equipment depending on privacy invasion because it shines clearly the line of the body, we are preparing and experimenting with the type to process and display the image)

Ticket purchase of Shiki Theater Company by others' card information, Resale "20 million yen was made" Company officers arrested Metropolitan Police Department - MSN Sankei News(Society, only the tickets of Shiki Theatrical Company were targeted, and had a profit of 34 million yen by reselling)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Arrested a man for allegedly attacking a church in Osaka "Pastor of the United States, betrayed" - Society(Incident, attending the church where Koreans in Japan gather, and also against the background of alienation due to lack of words)

KEKEN ELECTRIC SHINKEN "Shortage of power outage" with new distribution technology on average 4 minutes: Sankei Kansai (Official News website of Sankei Shimbun Osaka head office)(In society, in California state in the USA, the average power outage time of 2 hours and 42 minutes per year is only 4 minutes)

CNN.co.jp: seized the Cocaine World Cup championship trophy, Colombia(Overseas, the world champ championship trophy made of cocaine is found)

NHK, Nagoya place To stop broadcasting ... Parents declined offer: Entertainment: Sports broadcast(Sports, Judgment as to whether NHK will relay Nagoya place will be announced on the 6th)

"Banana vending machine" installed for 1 week - sales volume exceeded 1,000 - Shibuya economic newspaper(Food, "I have never eaten a banana on the street until now, but I will buy it here and eat it from now" and high school girls)

Woody Allen's Director's Best 6: Movie News - Movies .com(Movie, "If I have not made a movie, I will be thinking about my death for a long time by staying home," he is 74, but there is no intention to retire)

PETA protests against bullfighting in nude Spain / Pamplona pictures 15 photos International News: AFPBB News(Overseas, protests against the famous beast cattle festival "San Fermin Festival")

Life falls from the 7th floor in the mountain of garbage, 18 year old male in Canada | spillover of the world | Reuters(Overseas, men and women who went up to the rooftop to see the fireworks of "National Day" Canada Day)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "There is an evil spirit in the body" Arrest of the suspected occupier of a woman touching a woman - Society(Case, saying that evil spirit is attached to women, suspected touching the chest and lower body as "palpation")

Detailed analysis on "Hayabusa" capsule derived from fine asteroids - 47 NEWS (Yona no Toshi news)(Science, even if it can be confirmed that the fine particles are substances of asteroids, it is expected to be several months to six months later)

Is the "person with curly hair" increasing? (Excite Bit Connector) - Excite News(Memo, as pointed out by a hairdresser saying "There are a lot of people wearing hands, so there may be cases in which even a little habit may become matter of concern" because hair straightening correction can be done easily now)

Matsuoka Mitsuru transformed into a rider with rice! News - ORICON STYLE-(Special effects, Matsuoka Mitsuru of the role of Kamen Rider Eternal on American animation · Expo 2010 transformed on the stage)

Seega finally v (¯ ー ¯) v | small room of Blu-ray disc(Animation, decision to BD by reaching 2,000 deposits)

Togetter - Conclusion "Professor Kazuhiko Shimamoto, see PreCure! # 3"(Memo,A character that exactly resembles yourself appearedAn Oga-machi cartoonist who started live from what he did)

It seems that Kadokawa Beans Bunko "Yuvaro Gakuen intelligence department" which was done today also stopped shipping due to plagiarism, out of print, collection(Publishing, the author himself acknowledges the fact of plagiarism and suggests retirement)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Soba restaurant's secret menu "Heavenly Eating"(It does not mean meal, no tempura of tempurasoba)

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