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We conduct market research using the InternetMacromillMade a questionnaire survey on satisfaction level and usage situation for those who actually purchased the iPad,Over 70% users are satisfied with the design and the viewability of the screenMeanwhile, it seems that you have found dissatisfaction such as "It's a bit heavy to hold with one hand" and "There are few e-books for Japan". As for the use of the iPad, 88% uses it for "browsing the website", and 74% of the "e-books" which can be said as the eyeball of the iPad can be seen to be used by many people.

However, despite the fact that iPad users' e-book usage rate is nearly 70%, when asked, "Which books do you want even if e-books are popular?" 70% of respondents said "I want it" And it seems that the result is such that the real value of the electronic book is questioned.

So, tomorrowJune 23. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 23, one year ago.

An unmanned small submarine investigating a sinking train in the Russian Revolution encounters "a mysterious creature" - GIGAZINE

9 scenes suddenly involved in traffic accidents seen in movies - GIGAZINE

Arresting parents trapping children in garbage and dirty houses - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Of course? Too much? Cheating wife arrested the current criminal! - Men's sauce(It is impossible excuse that I was talking with him despite being doing sex acts in the park dignified overseas abroad)

Employees who became fired with Twitter company - Various melts(Trendy, proof that has become generalized in the same way as former mixi etc)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Where is the world's worst food dish? "Result announcement - Livedoor blog(Food, it is becoming a surprising ranking)

Trend news | Receive word-of-mouth information and hot topics every day! | 70% of girls do not want to lose to friends!? It is natural that women shine with "secret"! | GyaO! [Gao](Note, you can see that there are many women who are striking behind while preserving the face)

Lifespan of women married to young men shrinks (German study) | Topics | Tokyo Nylon Girls(It seems that lifespan will shrink when living, marrying a man of a considerable older conversely)

AKB 48 Fired! The boyfriend and the member who blew up the Primula were also ranked 40th in the general election ... | Back art(Rumors that information is flowing in the team because of entertainment, regular competition)

"AKB 48" Fake handshake tender negotiation Unemployed male and boy arrested - MSN Sankei News(Counterfeiting a ticket that you can shake hands with members of AKB 48 enclosed as a bonus on the case, CD)

BL Comic heads funny ... head crazy ... .... - Golden Times(Manga, you are concerned about deployment)

Cure iPhone with unstable iOS 4: Gizmodo · Japan(It is good to erase unnecessary applications in mobile, task manager)

[Public opinion survey] Talent candidate has a counter-wind · · · "Do not expect" more than 80% - MSN Sankei News(Politics, as a result that voters are refusing to reject celebrity)

Bribery of Mao statue rampant, strengthens control with fabric | The world's speech | Reuters(Memo, Mao's statue that China sells over 1.3 billion yen annually)

Current affairs dot com: Portuguese battle live coverage = commentator, defeat to North Korea - North Korea(Sports, painful excuses will also disappear)

Kotoki, gambling charges on criminal charges Life crisis - MSN Sankei News(Sports, I am playing baseball gaming for over 5 years and the loss of Kotoki is over 30 million yen)

Is the "majority vote" truly universal? "Mathematics Kakeai" experiment started by MEXT JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Politics, about "controversial democracy" in which the concerned party gathers and discusses directly, unlike 'aggregate democracy' where the opinions of minorities are ignored in 'a few' power '

Michael Jackson earns 90 billion yen after death - MSN Sankei News(In addition to music and music revenues, people who will not refund tickets for concerts which were canceled due to pauses as a "memorial" will continue)

Tokyo Sky Tree "Do not fall apart" definitely: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(We care about not only society, bolts and other parts, but also snow)

I tried to make programming languages ​​"Angel chan angel" and "vuvuzela" - Yuyoro diary(IT, code invisible in programming language may also be used as encryption)

【Feature】 There is no big hope for Twitter's future ~ ~ In the case of Fujiya camera store holding more than 6,500 followers ~ | Findters Advertisement News(Internet services, corporate accounts are recognized as tools to pick up customers' voices rather than "tweeting" tools)

What is the boot loader "GRUB 2"? What kind of setting change is possible and how can it be done? | Viva! Ubuntu !!(IT, boot loader setting for selecting which OS or kernel to call on startup)

Movie: "The Cove", to be released at 22 pavilions - From the 3rd of next month - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Screening in movies and cinemat series was canceled but it was decided to be released in 22 nationwide)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "The crisis since the association was established" Popular wrestler gaming, fans departing concern - society(Sumo wrestling, the Sumo Association had been playing as it was without disposal though Tamago and Kashiwado, who were two signboards of the Yokozuna, held illegally possessed handguns)

The time has come! It's just that the excitement of a broadcast accident is abnormal(TV, even if you are watching it in real time, it will go through)

VIPPER me: Overstranded lost cat! The war criminal of OP "Happy annoying" turned out(Anison, many people have been completely sung)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): To develop the final linear test vehicle JR Tokai, in 2001 - Business and economy(Linear, the new test vehicle will become the base of mass-produced vehicles in 12-car formation)

ASF top project "Apache Nutch", released version 1.1 - SourceForge.JP Magazine: full of open source topics(Announced the release of software, open source web search software "Apache Nutch 1.1")

Distributed data processing by Hadoop: 1st introduction(Overview of software, framework, how to install and configure a single node Hadoop cluster, details of MapReduce application, etc.)

Antarctic / Arctic Science Museum open & amp; public exhibition at National Institute of Polar Research - Slashdot Japan(科学、国立極地研究所が2010年7月24日(土) の「南極・北極科学館」の開館に併せて、今年も一般公開する。オーロラ発生装置や極地で使用されている様々な観測装置を見る事が出来る)

Sakura to build a cloud-type data center in Hokkaido - @ IT(Net service, the completion time is autumn 2011. According to the company, it is the largest in Japan with approximately 1.1 sites of Tokyo Dome and utilizes the outside air of cold districts to realize high cooling efficiency)

Kinokuniya bookstore enters the e-book sale iPhone / iPad application in September - ITmedia News(Kodansha, Shogakkan, Shueisha, Kadokawa Group, etc. are agreeing, and applications for iPhone and iPad will be released in September)

IPad-style Android tablet of about 10,000 yen - Slashdot Japan(Mobile, similar to iPad to package)

eh? "Square starfish" found in Tottori - MSN Sankei News(It seems that it was mutated by science, genetic cause)

Flumpool: flumpool, topic of single upcoming release / BARKS news(Music, it is sometimes called "restart" or songs like returning to the origin of flumpool,PV released on YouTube)

Tele-morning World Cup moment 55, average 43% not growing News - ORICON STYLE-(TV, target audience rating was 61.9% after broadcast date)

Familia runaway at the factory of "Mazda" 1 person death "Resentment to the company" 42-year-old temporary employee retired, arrested for suspected murder - MSN Sankei News(I made contact with himself by myself, "Mushunkashi" behavior)

News: Thanks for the great hits! The zombies will give back on cleaning, and this will make the "Cleaning of the Dead" movie more interesting Hollywood Channel(Memo, an event where zombies clean the streets of Tokyo and walk)

"Toei Sentai series" at Ginza - Producer and performers' talk also - Ginza Keizai Shimbun(Special effects screened at Rate Show from June 26 at Ginza Cinepathos)

The actor J · E · Haley, "Nightmare on Elm Street" Freddie's role is "sticky mood": movie news - eiga.com if it's movies(Film, "Freddie is the victim" and talks about the painfulness of special makeup)

Aerial garden "Sons sky park" opened on Saturday, 2 photos in Singapore International news: AFPBB News(Super high-rise resort facility featuring appearance like boats crossed overseas in three buildings)

Chilean citizens are excited about the World Cup advanced advance, police dispose and detainees also | global speech | Reuters(Sports, champion who keeps Spain of the winner candidate and stands in the top H group)

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