SOFTBANK MOBILE starts packet flat-rate service that can use mobile phones abroad, fee is up to 2980 yen per day

In using mobile phones that can be used even overseas which are released by each company, it is a high-priced packet fee that became a bottleneck alongside call charges.

In the past, beforehand explanation of dealers was insufficient,Mobile phones brought overseas have automatically developed spam mails, resulting in a situation in which users charged for packet charges of nearly 50,000 yen sued SOFTBANK MOBILEAnnounced that it will start a packet flat-rate service that the company can also use overseas.

Details are as below.
Packet flat-rate service for overseas appeared! Up to 1,480 yen / day packet communication is available! | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to the press release released by Softbank Mobile, the company is said to start offering "oversea packet all-you-can-eat" which allows you to use packet communication at a fixed price without paying attention to overseas communication charges from Wednesday, July 21, 2010 .

"All-you-can-eat overseas packet" is a service that you can use packet communication at a fixed price overseas, and if you subscribe to the packet flat-rate service for domestic, it can be used without any special application. The fee you care about is 1980 yen per day for e-mail and web use, maximum of 1480 yen per day for a limited time until 30th June 2011. By the way, it is said that usage fee when using video site etc. becomes maximum 2980 yen per day.

The target countries at service start are as follows. In addition, when using packet flat-rate service abroad, it is necessary to set the network setting of the mobile phone at the travel destination as a carrier corresponding to "All-overseas packet processing".

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