Simply chilled with kitty, realized a collaboration between Ferrari and Hello Kitty's dream

Italy's proud automaker · Ferrari's "Ferrari · 360 Modena"One of the representative characters in Japan"Hello KittyIt is a picture of a car that realized the dream collaboration. The side mirror, the muffler, interior decoration etc. are completely Hello Kitty, and it is very interesting that it coexists with the famous emblem "Cavallino · Lampante (splash horse)".

Details are as below. Ferrari Hello Kitty Elsie Lontoh

Overkill: 'Hello Kitty' Ferrari 360 - GTSPIRIT.COM

This is that Ferrari. If you look carefully, Hello Kitty is scattered all over the place.

To the rear glass is a very big Hello Kitty. This is conspicuous.

The interior is covered with Hello Kitty goods. It is a special shop.

All mufflers are specially spec

Mirror part that feels a little floating

In Japan, you may also see cars that are staggering the seven dwarfs that appear in the Disney version "Snow White", but it is not unusual what customized so far at a luxury car so far.

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