Indeed, the crisis is over, the movie that Grissley suddenly is tremendously trembling

When I was shooting a picture of the wild Grizzly living, suddenly Grizzly turned towards the camera and runs, it is a movie that comes to attack.

Although I am escaping catastrophes in a few places, it is very frightening contents when thinking about the time when judgment was not made in time.

Details are as below.
B.C. filmmaker captures dangerously close grizzly charge

According to this article, there was a case that suddenly attacked the shooting crew while photographing the life of Grizzly in the Robson Valley in the southeast of Prince George, Canada's British Columbia province.

A movie showing how grizzly is actually attacking. Initially Grizzly was facing backwards ... ...
YouTube - CBC: Grizzly bear charge captured by BC filmmaker

I turned around.

I will notice here

Grizzly running suddenly to the left

It is hidden in the trees.

Grizzly that shows sudden appearance from the trees immediately. It is closer than what it was.

It was shooting with zoom from 25 yards (about 22.86 meters) away, but when you unlock it looks like this.

Even then we can hide in trees.

Grizzly again appearing from the trees again immediately. I understand that it is getting closer and closer.

I thought that they hid again ... ...

Appear before eyes. A creepy crew fired at the sky.

Grizzly to surrender and run away

Apparently I seemed to have been with my parents.

And the crisis has left.

As a reason for attacking, there is a possibility that it is an act to protect a child, but in any case both sides are safe and am relieved ... ....

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