For users who change to iPhone 4 SoftBank Mobile will change the installment system

Following "iPhone 3G (2008)" and "iPhone 3GS (2009)", on June 24 this year "IPhone 4"Is released, but what is troubling for core users who are transferring each time they are released is SOFTBANK MOBILE's"Installment sales up to 2The system called.

Especially for users purchasing iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS for installment sales and users already purchasing 2 units including voice terminals with installment sales, the hurdles for switching to iPhone 4 will be high, but apparently the installment There seems to be changes in the system.

Details are as below.
SOFTBANK MOBILE 's official Twitter says Softbank Mobile currently only accepts installment sales of two mobile phones, and since the third one was only available in one lump sum payment, but with iPhone 3G It seems that he decided to accept installment sales for users who purchased two iPads by installment sales and are considering changing models to iPhone 4.
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Also, we will implement the same measures for users who purchased iPhone and audio terminals one by one for installment sales. In other words, users purchasing iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS ...... and iPhone with installment can also purchase iPhone 4 with installment.
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In addition, if you purchase a mobile phone terminal with installment sales and make a model change etc. before the payment period ends,The monthly dividend for the installment balance is no longer applicableTherefore, attention must be paid to an increase in total payment amount.

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