A woman who continues to consume 12,000 kilocalories everyday, aiming at the world's top weight

As obesity often causes health problems, there is a feeling that it is caught as something to be eradicated from society, such as the mandatoryization of metabolic medical examination.

But still there are women who continue to consume 12,000 calories a day to aim for the world's top weight. What on earth is she going to achieve?

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Super-sized mother determined to become world's fattest woman in two years | Mail Online

New Jersey's 42-year-old, Donna Simpson's weight now is 273 kg. In order to become the world's heaviest lady, we aim to 453 kg and we consume 12,000 calories a day, which is more than six times that of general women. I can only walk 6 meters at a time at a time, and now I need an electric cart to go shopping, but I assert that he is healthy.

Clothing size is XXXXXXXL.

My favorite food is that you can eat about 70 items in sushi. And I heard that sweets like cakes and donuts are also favorite.

In 2007 I have received Guinness certification as the heaviest mother. It was said that 30 doctors needed help when giving birth to a child.

Donna's mother thinks it is love to let him eat a lot, Donna said he was already 82 kg when he was 9 years old. After his mother died, the father's remarried partner imposed a strict diet on Donna and his brothers, but she steadily eaten food from the cupboard.

Donna, who has become concerned about weight as age, weighed 70 kilograms between 14 and 18 years old, but he said, "I was only thinking about eating, I felt a miserable feeling." After leaving the school and working out, I leaned to gain weight, "I was glad that I felt like I returned to real when I got weight."

The first marriage was at the age of 19. The other person is a chef who is a steakhouse chef, and he took home the leftovers on the way home from night shifts and was eating together. Donna says, "I was glad to say that I'm more sexy when I grow fat." At the age of 27, the weight reached 158 kg. I was pregnant and the eldest son of Devin was born, but after that I continued to eat divorce and seeking satisfaction.

And at the age of 31, it became 273 kg, I decided to lose weight again. 31 kg in a half year After leaning, to limit the amount to eatStomach banding surgeryIt was decided to receive. But just before surgery, her friend died of the same operation "I thought it was a sign of something, after all I thought that I like being myself after all," Donna resumes eating.

Donna, who was 234 kg at that time, casually saw a matchmaking site for fat ladies. I heard that when I input my profile and weight, I received an e-mail so that it is overflowing. "Some people sent me proteins by post so that they gained weight." I got acquainted with her current husband Philippe on such a site. My husband seems to weigh only 68 kg, but the fat woman seems to help her get fat as you like.

Currently, in order to cover food expenses as much as $ 750 a week (about 68,000 yen), Donna is managing a website that shows himself eating fast food. "I like to eat and I am glad that someone willing to look at eating me," she says.

After she achieves the world's top weight, she can not know what she is aiming for. But at least her passion and dedication are said to be real.

Here is her video.

YouTube - U.S. woman sets world's fattest goal

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