A man who has been building a jigsaw for seven and a half years notices that one piece is missing near completion

An elderly man who spent seven and a half years making jigsaw puzzles steadily noticed that only one piece was missing in the end. Also, according to the puzzle maker, the product is no longer in production, and it has become a puzzle that will never be completed.

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Puzzler spends 7 years completing massive jigsaw only to find ONE piece missing | swns.com

Jack Harris, an 86-year-old man, was devoted to the jigsaw puzzle that he started in the latter half of 2002. The puzzle is 5000 pieces, and it was given as a Christmas present by his son's wife, Eve.

Jack started making it with the intention of completing it by the summer of 2003, but a puzzle about 1.5 meters wide would occupy the table for seven and a half years. However, Jack noticed that the puzzle was only 4999 pieces near completion.

A puzzle that is missing only one piece. At first, I made it with the help of my wife, but since my wife died in 2004, I heard that I decided to make it by myself.

Jack had his family give him puzzles every year, and he especially liked the 5000-piece puzzles. Eve said, 'I was always proud to finish it right away, so it was a bit of a joke to give me a big puzzle,' and Jack said he was very disappointed that the puzzle wasn't finished. I am.

The reason why the puzzle disappeared is unknown, but Jack's family thinks that someone accidentally threw it away or was eaten by Eve's dog.

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