Starbucks coffee to offer free wireless LAN service for a limited time

It became clear that Starbucks coffee will offer free wireless LAN service for a limited time only.

This makes it easy to enjoy the Internet simply by bringing in wireless LAN compatible devices such as laptop computers, smart phones, handheld game machines, and some music players.

Details are as below.
Provision of "Trial Internet Connection Service" for a limited time at Starbucks Coffee Shop

According to this release, NTTBP will offer "trial Internet connection service" which will allow you to use wireless LAN free of charge at Starbucks coffee shop from April 26 to the end of May.

The measures of this time are already awareness enhancement and activity of public wireless LAN services such as "FLET'S SPOT" and "Mzone" "mopera U" which are provided at 163 STARBUCKS COFFEE (as of April 20, 2010) It aimed at conversion.

This means that users who do not subscribe to public wireless LAN service will be able to use the Internet by simply bringing in mobile laptops that support wireless LAN. In addition, 'Trial Internet connection service' is limited to 30 minutes once a day, requiring a simple entry only at the first connection. You can check target shops from the following links.

Target store | Trial Internet connection service

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