The selling source of PT 2 announced the comment "Please pay attention to similar products", what is the relationship with "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2"?

Earth software known as Hi-Vision Capture Board 'PV 3' and 'PV 4' can simultaneously record up to 4 programs of terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree digital CS broadcasting on its official page Three waves corresponding digital for PC About the tuner "PT 2", "Please note similar products"I posted a comment named" Hello!

Just the other day,Mysterious capture board "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" which is said to be "over PT 2"Although it was just announced, is there some relation?

Details are as below.
Earth soft limited company

According to the official page of Earth Soft, the following sentences are posted entitled "About Similar Items" to prompt the user.

Products manufactured and sold at our company are as stated in the product information.
Since OEM etc is not done, please pay attention to similar products after confirming product photos when purchasing PT2.

As far as this comment is concerned, apparently Earth Soft does not seem to be supplying its products by OEM (Production by counterpart brand)"GFOUTLET" in Akihabara, Tokyo, which announces that it will sell mysterious capture board "DECULTURE PT 2X 2" which is said to be "over PT 2"According to Official Twitter, there is a rumor that "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" can use the driver of PT 2. If you really can use the driver of PT2, is that it adopts a hardware configuration that is very close to PT2?

Twitter / Kyohei Ozaki: @ maru_neco driver prepares DL site ...

By the way, comparing "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" and "PT 2" will look something like this. This is the surface of "PT 2"

The surface of "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2"

The back side of "PT 2"

And the back of "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2". It certainly seems to be similar, but what does "earthquake" pointed out by EarthSoft mean?

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