Self-stated capture board "PT2 over 2" suddenly postponed release of "DECULTURE PT 2 × 2 (PT 2 X 2)"

Four programs of earth software boasting extremely high popularity Digital broadcast tuner capable of simultaneous recordingA mysterious capture board that is said to exceed "PT 2" "DECULTURE PT 2 × 2 (PT 2 X 2)"I announced that it is due to appear in the other day, but it became clear that it was suddenly postponed sales.

Earth software announces the comment "Please pay attention to similar products"In the meantime, although it is "DECULTURE PT 2 × 2" which I was concerned about in what way it exceeds PT 2, it seems a bit ahead that its identity is exposed to the bottom of the white day.

Details are as below.
【Important Notice】 PT2X2 Notification of Delayed Time | GFOUTLET's Blog

According to the official blog of "GFOUTLET" in Akihabara, Tokyo, the release of the mysterious capture board "DECULTURE PT 2 × 2", which is scheduled to be released on May 1 tomorrow, will be postponed from the supplier It seems that we received a message saying that it will be.

Although it is said that detailed situation can not be grasped, the release is expected to be about a month ahead, and concrete release date is not fixed. Although it seems that the reservation with GFOUTLET seems to have been buried on Sunday, April 25 (Sunday), we will accept cancellation for the user who reserved it, and also said we will also return the deposit.

For "DECULTURE PT 2 × 2"I will sell to CEO of PC shop "Iosys"Etc. We are aware that the sun is the selling source, and we have already finished accepting reservations at the online store "DECULTURE" operated by the company, but will it be postponed again here as well?
DECULTURE PT 2 × 2 Ground · BS / 110 CS digital tuner (DECULTURE DECULTURE - Yahoo! Shopping

By the way, the company also operates an online shop called "Bakuya Taiyo", but here we are accepting orders as of April 30th 16: 50.
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