A man who sells as an advertisement space to return an aged one

Put tattoos such as corporate logos on their own face as advertisements,Those who do the job of receiving "publication fee"There are in the world, but in China, as a means to earn surgery fee for returning bigger jaws, there are men who sell them as advertising space.

Attention is easy to gather because of its characteristic appearance, and because there is a high possibility that various people can see it, the effect will be larger than the method such as putting advertisement on forehead.

Details are as below.
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47-year-old Chang Du who sold his ago as an advertising space. According to Mr. Chang, ago started to grow 5 years ago, initially it seems that there was only a small bulge like acne.

Mr. Chang with an apple whose eyes are inadvertently mentioned.

You can also see the size from the side.

Mr. Chang puts the advertisement on the ago to get the surgery fee of about 700,000 yen to return it to the normal size as before. "I am usually shy and are usually inside the house to keep people unlikely, but because I need money for surgery, I will sell it as an advertising space in order to get a surgery fee anyway I did it. "It seems that he made a momentum against disaster.

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