A man in Russia who sharp-squeezes ono, a girlfriend who is too wild

Every morning I think that there are many men who are shaving with a razor in front of a mirror, but there are men in Russia who use ono more than several times their size and are shaving dexterously I will.

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Alex Karpenko (35), an old English teacher, learned skill shaving from Ono from his grandfather who passed through the war of World War II. My grandfather said that he told Karpenko to tell Karpenko that he declared that "razor is an unnecessary luxury item" and that anything was a substitute for a shaving during the war.

Karpenko says "Because I was touched by my grandfather's story so much, I decided to shave the hair like the same way," he talks about the opportunity to decide to shave a beard in Ono. However, when I saw his newlyweds wife standing in the washroom, he gave up shaving at Ono because he was terribly surprised to be hitting Ono on his throat.

Karpenko 's shaving appearance that astray his wife.

However, he did not start using razors but he decided to use a shovel that is sharper as a substitute for Ono. Karpenko says, "Somewhat safe compared to Ono," but if anyone does not know the circumstances in any case, it is surprising that it is a definite choice ......

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