There was also a large gathering of the same genre such as "The Prince of Tennis" "Cure Cosplay Festival Vol.2" Daytime Cosplay

A cosplay event with a fashion show "Cure Cosplay Festival Vol.2". Cosplayers who had not yet entered in the morning gathered, and in the work such as "The Prince of Tennis" and "Rozen Maiden" it was at the level where the group members of the characters could be taken.

In addition to the group photographs, I had the cosplayers discovered during the day take pictures,Articles for the morningPlease continue to enjoy.

Details are as below.
"BAYONETTA" Beyonetta and Jeanne.

The large group photo of "The Prince of tennis". It is a cosplay that you can imagine more when you have multiple schools uniforms or uniforms.

"Nintama Rantaro" senior group. Coupled with the background is quite a ninja feeling.

Ace of "ONE PIECE" and Luffy.

Meer · Campbell of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY".

Ryo Tanaka and Azusa Nakano wearing costumes that appear in ED of "K-ON!"

Dolls of "Rozen Maiden".

Ramonosuke Umemiya of "Shaman King". Oddly the ocean suits you.

Characters of "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de inside".

The leading character of "Gintama", Gin Sakata.

Also Shinsuke Takasugi of "Gintama". Reproduce the flashy kimonos and kissels as they are.

Is it the Katsura of "Gintama"?

"NARUTO" characters also gather.

It is hardened by the equipment of "Monster Hunter".

Orihara Nozaya of "Durarara !!" taken out a knife.

Ranka Lee of "Kiratsu" pose.

There were also Shibui people wearing Gundam 's military uniform.

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