Concept design of simple and stylish Nintendo 3DS

It is the concept design of a simple and stylish Nintendo 3DS which a 3D artist invented.

Despite the addition of screen size and analog pads, it is compact and it seems to be thinner than before.

Details are from the following.
Nintendo 3DS Concept by Olivier Demangel >> Yanko Design

Flickr: Angel Art 3D's Photostream

This is the concept design of Nintendo 3DS. It has analog pads that have never existed, and it seems to be thin. In addition, the camera is built in the upper side of the opened display.

When I close the screen it looks something like this.

Image when starting game. The screen is also 16: 9 wide screen.

It has become calm atmosphere design with a metallic silver bar.

This concept of Nintendo 3DS is a 3D artist'sOlivier DemangelWhat Mr. invented. In Yanko Design introducing this concept, "I saw the concept of various Nintendo 3DS, but this is the best," I am acclaimed.

What is the actual design of Nintendo 3DS?

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