Is the fourth-generation new iPhone "iPhone HD"? Is it equipped with high definition liquid crystal, A4 processor, high quality camera and so on

Willcom released in January this year "HYBRID W - ZERO 3"NTT docomo's release" Today "Xperia (SO - 01 B)", SoftBank Mobile's announced the other day"HTC Desire (X06HT)"And au's"IS 01"and"IS 02While smartphones are being announced from each company, attention is gathering attention for the 4th generation new iPhone, but the new iPhone is equipped with high-definition liquid crystal, high-quality camera, and higher performance processor than before "IPhone HD"The prediction that it will be a terminal to call should be a topic.

As the new iPhone comes closer every year, predictions of this and that are expected to flutter, but the iPhone 3GS launched last year greatly improved the processing speed of iPhone 3G, especially Considering that no major changes were made in terms of hardware, we would like to expect something like increasing the resolution of liquid crystals soon.

Details are as below.
"IPhone HD" rumored to include double resolution display, front facing camera, and A4 processor | Edible Apple

According to this article, Apple's new iPhone, the fourth generation WSJ (The Wall Street Journal) scheduled to be released in the summer as usual, is compatible with CDMA 2000 in addition to the conventional W-CDMA network model Model will also be lineupedReported on March 29th local timeThat's right.

And John Gruber who is familiar with Apple's internal information etc. said on WSJ's report that "WSJ only reveals the information that the new iPhone will be released in the summer", then the features of the 4 th generation iPhone are as follows It is said that it will become.

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· Adopted Apple proprietary "A4 processor" series adopted for iPad
· High definition resolution of 960 × 640 where the resolution of liquid crystals is twice the conventional resolution
- Camera is installed not only on the back but also on the front
· OS can use third party applications in multitasking "iPhone OS 4"

In addition, OmniVision, which supplies camera module to the iPhone, announced the 5 million pixel camera module for mobile phones called "OV5650 Image Sensor" that can shoot 30 frames of HD movies per second at 1080p in June last year But,A market participant revealed in December last year that the camera planned to be installed in the 4 th generation iPhone will be a 5 million pixel modelTherefore, the possibility that the 4 th generation iPhone will be a model compatible with HD movies is also mentioned.

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