Bike and rider fly in the sky, demonstration of trial competition in Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010

Motorcycle's "Trial competitionIs a competition for how to pass the rocky field in the mountains and the obstacle course of the indoor without going through the foot unlike a general race which goes around the course. In the 2004 trial world championship, Honda'sTakahisa FujinamiIs becoming the first Japanese champion of the Japanese, and in Japan too the popularity has gradually come up.

Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010Then,Takumi Narita,Yoshiaki Nomoto,Ryota NishimotoA demonstration by three international A grade riders was held.

Details are below.
A considerable number of spectators gathered.

This is a bike used for trial. Unlike the circuit racer, the fuel tank is suppressed to the minimum size and even the seat is omitted, and thorough weight saving is attempted.

Takumi Narita player.

Yoshiaki Nomoto.

Ryota Nishimoto players.

Where the tire warms up, turning while deciding "Jack Knife" to lift the rear wheel.

I showed a stunning car body feeling to make it land on the fence.

Willie close to the vertical.

Service of Jack Knife in front of children.

Of course adults are delighted.

Demonstration of "Air Turn" which changes direction by 180 degrees in the air while jumping up.

"Air Turn" Demo in Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010

We are looking for someone who wants to challenge "Standing Still" to stop for a while on the spot with a motorbike out of the audience. Three of the athletes are stationary without any thing between the demonstrations, it seems to be somewhat easy.

"I will give this machine if I have 5 seconds!" ... but ....

Failure without one second.

Flip from quarter pipe.

I will continue to climb momentum.

Jump while turning 90 degrees at the top.

I succeeded in splendid landing.

"Wall Climbing" Demo in Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010

And three people gathered on the table.

I shake my hand to respond to the cheers.

I closed with a hand touch with the audience at the end.

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