"Trick" which flies while rotating a skateboard is explained easily with slow motion movie

Skateboard (skateboard) not only slides and strolls on the street,Approved as an additional event of Tokyo Olympics in 2020It is also popular as a sports competition. The movie "The Physics of Flip Tricks | (Skate) ology" which detailed the mechanism of such skateboard technique "trick" is released.

The Physics of Flip Tricks | (Skate) ology - YouTube

All skateboard tricks, including "Olie" and "Kick Flip", all have physical laws.

The first thing to look at is a "front side flip" trick.

First squat down and lower the center of gravity.

For the front side flip, use the rear wheel as the rotation axis. Kick the back of the board (tail) with one foot ... ...

It jumps to the air with both feet as it is.

The force to rotate the object is called "Moment of force"The magnitude of the force's moment is proportional to the distance. The farther you are from the foot to the wheel, the faster you can fly.

Put both feet on the board in the air ... ...

Landing on the ground.

Next is the trick "Fakey Big Flip". Unlike the front side flip earlier, we use the front wheel for the rotation axis. Jump by kicking the front (nose) of the board.

Then the board rotates 360 degrees in the vertical direction.

Furthermore, vertical rotation is added.

Land brilliantly.

"Impossible" is a trick to rotate 360 ​​degrees while tying the board to the foot. First of all, I kick the tail with the right foot and jump, but it is a point to press it on the ground as it is even after the tail sticks to the ground. By doing this, the board is twisted around the foot and rotates.

Raise the left foot bigger and move it away from the board.

The board rotates around the right leg.

At the end of the rotation, return the left foot that was waiting in the air to the board.

A brilliant trick has been decided.

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