Pain motorcycle of "Moe Hiroshi 2010" incorporating anime and game characters abundantly

Painfully painting a variety of character designs on motorcycle cowls and tanks. It was held in Makuhari MesseMoe Expo 2010At the same time, there were many high-concentration pain vehicles sparingly used every corner of the car body. If any motorcycle is running along the road, I have the impact of following my first eye.

Details are as below.
"Little Busters"Noumi Kudryavka bike.

Black and white design that fits silver body.

Although there is a sense of unity, you can see that the atmosphere is clearly different from ordinary bikes.

Around the seat.

Guidance for caution disengagement attention to the tank.

A helmet is also a LITTOBUS. It seems that attention will be paid even if this is a public road.

"Touhou Project"bike.

Design that white shines in black body.

Big Yakumo purple in the front cowl. I'm publishing a metal arrangement CD for the Touhou Project "IRON ATTACK!"CRYING DESTINY" in the picture used, IRON ATTACK in various parts of the motorcycle! It is designed.

The tank is the title of the succession series.

Painting cases properly

I can see color illustrations from behind.

"Lucky ☆ Star","Suzumiya haruhi","K-ONI was interspersed with characters ofKyoto animationbike.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kei in front of the meter

Feeling to embrace Lucky Star and Haruhi with her knees.

Also under the seat, Lucky Star and Haruhi were compacted.

"ToHeart 2Samurai and Mr. Kusugawa Sasara Bike.

To the front cowl is a sticker of the "Maizakura" community which is a painful car community of ToHeart 2.

Maryan senpai and Kusugawa Sasara are everywhere.

Also to the mirror.

Also in the tank.

She also. Ratio is the design of Kusugawa Sasara close.

It will take out shooting permission.

ToHeart 2 also seen in the reserve tank of the rear suspension.

"SHUFFLE!The bike which made Fuyo Kaede the main.

Send a line of sight from the seat and cowl Fuyo Kaede

It is inconspicuous, but also in such places.

Illustrations of the helmet and color are also included.

Wheel is a game production source "Navel"The address of it is contained.

Pain pain vehicle with various corporate logos.

We recruited individual sponsors and sometimes ran on a motorcycle with nitroplus charactersTaro SekiguchiTrophy acquired by the owner of the motorcycle was placed along with the poster of the bicycle.

The front cowl is a sticker of the Yokosuka pain car association.

Nitroplus's "Dust MakuhyoIn addition to the Ignis illustration,good smile CompanyYaDunlopThe logo is included.

There is also an ign ignition in the tank.

EVOLEXYaKotobukiyaThere is also a sticker.

Software currently being developed "Aiyoku no EustiaThe bike. It is a work that was just announced on the official website of the production company on February 19, 2010.

Eustiaa Asturea which is scheduled to appear.

The climb was also upright.

Around the tire is tough.

"Low car height is a low intelligence".

"Idol MasterChihaya Motorbike.

I can not run like this, but Chihaya is appealing to me.

Figures near the steering wheel.

Media mix development of idolmaster "PROJECTIM @ S"The logo".

You can see the inverted logo from the opposite side.

Navel big scooter.

Painfully using the wide car body has become fully open.

Rear side. There is a large sense of presence of cushions.

Not only outside but also inside.

A demo movie of the game was flowing on PSP.

Nothing was displayed, but also equipped with a monitor behind.

"I am sorry for the nuisance vehicle"

"I'm sorry ... It is painful, is not it?"

"Love Plus"bike.

There are three heroines in part.

However, Naga Anegasaki was drawn in tanks and front fenders.

Tumbler is also Anegasaki Nene.

Motorbike which treated character of Moe Expo 2010.

It is based on pink, it is a flashy bike from color.

Speaking of spring is like spring.

It is closely designed without any gaps.

Two helmets were sold for 19,000 yen each.

2010/03/25 0:21 Correction
The trophies that were placed under the pain cart containing various corporate logos were corrected as trophies acquired by motorcycle owner rather than those of Sekiguchi.

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