Video of Street Fighter II, Xevious and Family Stadium on "Mousou Controller" Sound Keychain

Bandai's Mousou Controller(Imagination Controller), the NES controller-shaped keychain that emits gaming sound according to commands you press, is to come out on March 20, 2010.

We were lucky enough to give them a go before the release, and played some imaginary games of Street Fighter II, Xevious and Family Stadium. Watch our videos and see how well you can picture what's happening.

Videos after the cut!
These are the "Mousou Controller" keychains.

NES-like controller with cross-shaped joypad and two buttons.

For some reason, the buttons are P and K instead of A and B. Maybe Punch and Kick?

Power switch and battery case lid.


Description sheet.

Cute. About 34×52×17mm.

Street Fighter II comes in three colours, each with different characters.

Sky blue features Chun-Li, Dhalsim and Vega(known as Balrog in Jaoan).

Here's a video of "Round Battle" mode. First you choose the character by the joypad (: Chun-Li, : Dhalsim, : Vega) and press "P". Input as many command as you can in 20 seconds: fast enough and you'll win. Winning three consecutive battles (you can choose your character each time) will take you to the Bonus Stage (the car-breaking stage).
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Chun-Li, Dhalsim and Vega: 01

Video of "VS Battle" mode. Choose your character, press "↑" on joypad, then press "P". Basically the same car-breaking game as the Bonus Stage, without the time limit. Compete with your friend who can destroy the car faster.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Chun-Li, Dhalsim and Vega: 02

"Sound" mode. Turn on the controller, input Dhalsim's "Yoga Fire" command during the start-up sound. You can hear different sound each time you press "P". Press "K" to repeat.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Chun-Li, Dhalsim and Vega: 03

Black features Ryu, Blanka and Sagat.

Round Battle mode with Ryu, Blanka and Sagat.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Ryu, Blanka and Sagat: 01

Perform Hadouken upon starting for Sound mode.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Ryu, Blanka and Sagat: 02

Red features Ken, E. Honda and Guile.

Round Battle mode with Ken, E. Honda and Guile.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Ken, E. Honda and Guile: 01

Sound mode.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Ken, E. Honda and Guile: 02

Xevious Mousou Controller.

This one's got A and B button like NES controller.

Also has three modes: "Xevious Stage", "Bacura Destroying Mode" and "Sound Mode".

In Xevious Stage you must use your imagination and figure out the map layout, get through the stage firing Zapper gun(A button) at aerial enemies and bombing(B button) ground based enemies, reach the Andor Genesis mothership and destroy it by bombing it five times within 15 seconds.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Xevious: Xevious Stage Mode

Bacura, the indestructable walls spinning from the top of the screen to the bottom where they disappear, were rumoured to be destroyable with exactly 256 shots, but in fact they weren't in the game. In "Bacura Dstroying Mode" this impossible feat can be accomplished by firing the double shot Zapper gun 128 times within 25 seconds.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Xevious: Bacura Destroying Mode

Sound Mode.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Xevious: Sound Mode

Family Stadium version.

With A and B button.

Family Stadium, or Famista, is a hugely popular baseball video game series in Japan. In "Batting Mode" you have to listen to the sound of the pitch and swing your bat at the right moment. To win the game you have to hit ten home runs. You lose with three consecutive strikes.
YouTube - "Mousou Countroller" Family Stadium: Batting Mode

In Pitching Mode you have to take three outs by throwing fastballs(↓+A), split-finger fastballs(↑+A) and changeups(A). The game's over if you get hammered a home run.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Family Stadium: Pitching Mode

Sound Mode.
YouTube - "Mousou Controller" Family Stadium: Sound Mode

The five versions of Mousou Controller will go on sale on March 20, 2010 for 888 yen (about $9.80) each.

You can watch a video of Street Fighter IV world champion Daigo Umehara playing Mousou Controller on the official website. (Click the thumbnail on bottom left).
Mousou Controller Official Website

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