GAP stores that upside-down stores for promotion for overnight

Various shops in the world are doing various campaigns to attract people's attention, but it seems that GAP did a promotion that people walking on the road will soon notice the strangeness.

That method is to invert all the signboards and the display in the store, and it is obviously funny to see from the outside.

Details are as below.
Gap upside down Creative Criminals

Upside-down promotion was done at GAP on Robson Street in Vancouver. It seems to have done overnight work so as not to affect work.

A movie in which the state of the work is reflected at an early turn.
YouTube - Overnight Transformation of Gap Store on Robson Street

I will keep things in the store more and more upside down.

Creating a display that is upside down.

I also turn over the billboard.

And finished. There is a tremendous sense of incongruity.

The mannequin in the store sticking to the ceiling.

Clothes are also displayed upside down.

Also prepared for shopping bag.

I am turning over to the car parked outside and to the hot dog shop.

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