Apple official CM movie that all of "iPad" can be known in 30 seconds

Although initially released in late March, it was postponed to release on April 3,Released in late April in JapanIt was decided to be "IPadHowever, a new CM was swept away by the TV commercials that are flowing in between the presently announced Academy Awards, and distribution was also started on the official website.

The actual usability of "iPad" etc. are built so that it can be understood very well in a short time, and I will make it very much to expect.

Playback is from the following.
Watch the iPad ad

YouTube - Apple iPad TV Ad [HD]

The size is like this.

Slide to unlock

Familiar multi touch

Browsing the New York Times site

It becomes like this when zooming in, easy to read

I feel like I will scroll and read

This is a calendar

And this is e-book. Since it looks like a bookshelf, click the cover to fly here.

This way it will open. It's almost like an authentic book.

I am reading.

It is also possible to flip through pages with flu

Google map also got bigger and displayed like this.

The e-mail software has also changed, and the e-mail received that is displayed on the left side in the landscape orientation.

If it is portrait oriented it looks like a list.

Atmosphere that the text slides and appears as if a letter is placed on the left side one by one touching.

In addition to placing the image on top, you can see that as you look closely you move letters as you slide like composites. This looks convenient.

I am using a software keyboard.

It is on sale April 3. I do not know when the reservation announcement in Japan will be, but at that time the price in Japan seems to be announced as well.

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