"Cutty sesame tofu" Tornermorp that a huge variety was born because the cooker was too far ahead

Sesame tofu is somewhat luxurious than ordinary tofu, it is commonly used for appetizers of Japanese cuisine shops, but a ridiculous number of variations have been born due to the inquisitive spirit of cooks "Change sesame tofu "Was introduced.

Manufacturer Hino-Man Foods Co., Ltd. said that they asked wholesalers' desires and gave ideas at their company to develop sesame tofu using seasonal ingredients one by one. However, its kind development has reached quite a huge amount, and there are two patterns of raw walnuts and things using roasted walnut taste, such as preparation of two patterns, amateurs can not understand at all, the commitment of the otaku level We are demonstrating.

Details are as below.Tamba Matsushima wholesale former Hinomoto Foods Co., Ltd. Tanba Matsutake Corp. and Mita Matsushima dealing with Matsutake maker.

The booth was sesame tofu, but because the variation is too rich, I do not know what it is at first sight.

It is doubtful whether it is food being too neat, but it is never a stone shop or the like.

Because it is for business use, it is natural, but every one is quite large.

Yunoyu sesame tofu for devoted cuisine. Mix white sesame and black sesame, make a marble pattern,Cloud dragon figure of Kano explorationIt expresses.

The ginkgo's fruit is pure yellow, but it seems unexpectedly greenish color when it is "ginkgo sesame tofu". It may be influenced by the color of sesame tofu on the base.

Unlike walnuts such as mixed nuts, "live walnut tofu" using raw as it is

"Fried walnut tofu" which gave out fragrance by using fried walnuts. Again, there is no "sesame" in the raw material, is it all okay if it is fragrant?

"Yuzu sesame tofu" is supposed to be rare enough, but it seems like a normal line-up from a feeling of security that the type is too much and that the standard of scent of Japanese food is a standard.

"Pumpkin yellow is coloring as it is" Nanjing sesame tofu "

"Eadme thom sesame tofu" is slightly green.

It is mainly eaten in KyotoMinzuki (Minaseki)"Water Mizuki sesame tofu" which imaged Japanese sweets. It is a Japanese sweet used for payment over Natsuko Shinano, which will be held on June 30, so it may be used for kaiseki dishes etc. at this time.

Pure yellow "corn sesame tofu". Coupled with the sesame chilling condition, I expect that it will taste like a potage.

Purupuru and a cool looking 'figsking jewel sesame tofu'.

"Chrysanthemum sesame tofu" became a pale blue color without the skin. The deep green color reminds me a little blue juice.

"Black bean sesame tofu" using black beans from Tamba

"Daimyoji sesame tofu". Although the crush that is used for Sakura rice called Daimoji is blended, the scent of cherry blossoms is not attached.

Puffy appearance "eggplant scraps". It seems that it is for cold pots and fried boiled, it does not seem to be eaten as it is.

Peanuts can be imagined boiled by boiled eggs that are called "raw peanut tofu". There seems to be no sesame in the walnut, but here is sesame in it properly.

"Fried peanut sesame tofu" using fried peanuts. There seems to be demand for nuts such as being made in raw and fried 2 patterns, but since we have never actually met these items, it will not come out unless you go to a Japanese restaurant that is in accordance with the form to a certain extent Maybe it is.

"Eggplant sesame tofu" containing eggplant chunks.

For a moment for naming "soy milk sesame tofu"? I thought, but when thinking carefully, sesame tofu is a completely different food from tofu, so this product containing soymilk was irregular.

"Ao sesame tofu" which seems to smell the iso.

"Black leather Nanjing sesame tofu" in which squashed pumpkins are mixed

"Tomato sesame tofu" suddenly appeared in the pale shade suitable for Japanese cuisine. Pretty bright color seems convenient for coloring dishes, but how about the compatibility of tomato and sesame tofu.

"Kuzu-mochi style sesame tofu" was born to go up to the table as dessert.

Normal white sesame tofu seems to be arranged as well. "Roasted white sesame tofu" using roasted sesame. It seems to be even more fragrant.

Black sesame version "roasted black sesame tofu". The white sesame seeds were slightly darker than normal ones, but the black sesame seeds did not change particularly.

"Umeboki sesame tofu" plus the sourness of Umeboshi plus refreshing.

"Three-color sesame tofu". I do not know exactly what is the three colors from the front.

But you can see from the side that it is exactly three colors. At the time of the festival, it cuts diamonds and produces a rice cake-like style, and when it passes, it cuts it into a square, a circle, etc. and it can be diverted to a dish of three color dumpling style.

"Pine convincing lotus root soup tofu". It seems to be specialized for use in steamed food.

"Sakura sesame tofu" that is being diced in spring season

"Milk sesame tofu" with milk added even to milky sesame tofu

I do not quite understand the real intention of the name "custom-made thick sesame tofu" but I feel awesome.

"Two color sesame tofu" for expert food

It is perfectly divided into two colors.

It looks like a grass "Wormwood sesame tofu"

"Light thin sesame tofu" using light beans commonly used in the early spring beans in Kansai. Again, because the home of Japanese cuisine is Kyoto, foods often used in West Japan and Kyoto are used quite a lot.

Although it looks the same, this is "two kinds of tofu" light thin sesame tofu ".

Surprisingly "green tea sesame tofu" which has not developed so much green

Because I am using Okinawa's purple potatoes, I thought that it was purple sesame tofu, and I was given a very windy name "hydrangea sesame tofu". I was surprised that the genre called sesame tofu is spreading too grandly. Unfortunately it does not seem to be mail-ordering on the Internet, but since there seems to be something for gifts it is recommended to check people who are interested.

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