Developed a training game of cross-cultural communication set in the US Army, the Middle East

PR game for recruitment of recruitsAmerica's Army"And those originally developed as training games were arranged and sold on the market as"Full Spectrum Warrior"Although the US Army uses a considerable budget for game development, this time it seems to be developing a simulator for intercultural communication training in the Middle East area such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Details are below.
Game Lets Soldiers Train in a Virtual Iraq or Afghanistan - UT Dallas News

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This time, the FPCT (First Person Cultural Trainer) developed by the research team at the University of Texas at Dallas is a simulator that reproduces the community of Iraq and Afghanistan. Players are moving through the community to grasp the internal relationships inside the community, clarify the problems occurring in the community and resolve it with people.

Players are in a situation that people do not know what they think of themselves and they do not know who is the key person of the community. Also, if you do not act properly, the reputation within the community gets worse, and some villagers have more rumor influence than other villagers, so there are also severe aspects that you have to firmly figure out who is the key person Yes. Although it is still a prototype at the moment, he is developing a finished version jointly with the Army Training Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

Training will be deployed from the first person perspective.

Realistically reproduce local buildings as much as possible.

You must be careful as your reaction will change the behavior of the villagers as a whole.

Facilities for carrying out such field trainingIt already exists. However, as we need to gather a number of actors from Iraq and Afghanistan to recreate the local topography and villages, there is a cost issue to newly establish and maintain, so we can not train a large number of people at once. In addition, the situation of the battlefield is constantly changing, providing training according to it is necessary for efficient training, but frequent changes are impossible in physical facilities. Computer games are supposed to complement these weaknesses.

Some gamers criticize that "anyone can do the gaps in the game, and it is quite different that choosing lines that are liked by the villagers and actually being able to say it." There is also a voice saying "Such a military training game may make war look like a harmless thing different from the real one, regardless of what type it is."

Because the US Army has about 500,000 people, which is about three times stronger than the Ground Self Defense Force, the budget and labor required for that training will also be enormous. So farSecure 4.8 billion yen budget for development of training gamesWe are investing huge amounts of expenses such as doing, but have these budgets been judged to be cheaper than games actually doing training?

Because it is a simulator of only cross-cultural communication, it seems that someone of the villagers wear a bomb on the body ... on the way, but it will not be a development of ...... It is something that raises the popularity of the villagers and achieves the goal I do not feel like I am likely to make use of the know-how of girls in Japan.

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