US military develops "suicide bomb attack simulator"

In the US military, we invest a huge amount to train more realistically. A gun battle simulator called "MILES" using a light gun is one of them, but the US military improved this MILES. A simulator is being developed and put to practical use to train coping with enemies that bomb a body and attack suicide bombs.

Details are below.United States Patent Application

This device, which was simply named "Military Training Device", is embedded and used in ordinary clothes so that it can not be known from the outside. Terrorists tend to work with civilian clothes often and there is a need for training to distinguish them, but as devices become conspicuous they will not be trained, so this kind of ingenuity will become necessary.

"MILES (Multipurpose Laser Training System)" used in the US military. It is judged as injured when the laser emitted from the blue circle device strikes the red circle sensor.

(Photo fromWikipedia)

Attach the LED to the surface of the clothes like this. Mechanism that it is judged that the LED glows and the light strikes the sensor of MILES and it got involved in the explosion

Since LEDs and light emission control devices are embedded so as to be inconspicuous as shown in the figure, it is difficult to distinguish and it is possible to maintain the tension of training.

It seems to be created with the image of the national costume in the Middle East.

In recent years, emphasis is placed on tactics and equipment for urban warfare, but it is sad to have to assume that it can be inhuman as well as suicide attacks.

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