Evolution of super life forms drink with coffee, Cherio 'Lifeguard Black' tasting review

Cherio is on salelife guardIsSuper life creature Bionic drinkIt seems like a drink that is not just a carbonated drink called "Lifeguard Black" with coffee newly appeared, so I bought it and got drunk.

Review from below.
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Why not introduce all products, but it is Lifeguard Black that arranges two as usual to surround the life guard.

Life guard's mascot character (?).

When it is black, the color changes and the eeriness degree is up. My child seems to cry at night.

Speaking of life guards, bionic (super life forms) beverages. When the robot drinksTransformersYou may be able to become.

36 kcal per 100 ml.

Lifeguard black is a new sensation coffee micro carbonated drink containing 10 mg of catechin. The top of the raw material name is coffee.

Because it is zero calorie drink, 0 kcal per 100 ml.

The cap of the life guard was like a camouflage pattern ...

Black has eyes drawn. I am very scared. If this cap is gathered and hung on the veranda, it seems that birds do not come.

I adjusted my mind and poured it into a glass.

The life guard is a yellow color not friendly to the eyes,Real goldIt feels like.

One life guard black is black so it looks like a cola. It seems that it was made on the basis of life guards, but there are differences in the taste of cousins ​​compared to brothers, because it was a coffee flavor. It may be painful if you are not used to it, at first for slash and subtle sweetness, and subtle bitterness coming later. The reason why the coffee flavored carbonated drinks are small is because the taste will definitely be an eerie taste.

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