In the streets and carpets of Las Vegas there is a "trick to get customers to spend money"

Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, USA is famous as a casino neon shining brightly all night long "sleep not town", but the cityscape of such Las Vegas, glittering and gorgeous designs used in hotels and the like It was revealed that an amazing secret was hidden in the carpet.

It seems that there is a mechanism to make money to be used positively to customers.

Details are from the following.
Las Vegas carpets designed to keep you awake and gambling | Mail Online

According to this article, the unique scenery of Las Vegas, which is far from the real world, such as a casino aiming for brilliant neon, overturning casino, glamorous show, etc., plays a role of using a lot of money without knowing people It is said that it is.

It is a reason why neon and ornate shows etc. are playing the role of using a lot of money, but "If you are waking up, because you are planning to use some form of money, try not to make guests sleep It is based on the idea that it is bad. And to the userAdrenalineIt is said that a very flashy design is adopted also for hotel carpets and the like in order to make it not to be able to sleep by making it excite by secretion.

This is a casino hotel in Las Vegas "BellagioThe carpet handle used in.

It looks like it is actually laid. It certainly feels like flashing and awaking.

In the place where the slot is set up, carpet which seems to be sharp eyes that used plenty of yellow and black patterns. By the way, yellow stripes and black stripes are adopted by wasps, etc. "Warning color (alert color)It may be that it is also playing a role in securing the user's adrenaline.

This is also a color that is not realistic.

A pyramid-shaped hotel made with ancient Egypt concept "LuxorBut ....

A carpet with a design that makes the contrast between yellow and black eye-burned is used.

Basically it seems that colors with higher saturation than the light color are used.

"Flamingo · Las Vegas"It seems that such carpets with a pattern like a spiral are used to impress that lucky gears are continuing.

If I use too much shading hues, I feel tired of getting tired and sleepy, and it seems that it will be counterproductive.

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