Excellent digital camera "EX-TR 100" photo & movie review which turns freely as the frame and liquid crystal screen part rotate freely

At first glance it is unknown what this is, but this is a casio digital camera that became a topic in the world's largest trade fair in January "EX-TR 100". It is like moving like a mobile phone with Pakapaka but it is the point that the frame and the LCD screen rotate independently. Moreover, this is not just a gimmick who got a mere arousal, it seems that it is a practical gimmick, so "CP + (シ ー ピ プ ラ ス) 2011At the Casio booth, I got companions to do a variety of things.

Actual examples of how you actually use movies and photo reviews from the following.
EX - TR 100 - Digital Camera - CASIO

Arrived at the Casio booth

This is "EX-TR 100"

It seems that he won the highest design award

If you are doing this you can use ordinary digital camera

Or a form close to a mobile phone

The back is liquid crystal


I can do this

Not only that this frame part rotates independently but also the camera part can also rotate independently Miso



It will be like this when it is very rare.

YouTube - CASIO "EX-TR 100" Part 1

YouTube - CASIO "EX-TR 100" part 2

To make it easy for you to have, the flexibility that you can make it easy to use is Uri

In fact it is stable to have a frame part like this

A mode like a video camera

Since it is a touch panel, touch and zoom in on the screen, etc.

White version

Strongly like

A strong impression because the white version has a contrast what it says

Change to the mode with the right hand

It seems like this from the other party

What moment when to use it is not a mystery

Practicality comes out if you narrow the angle a little more

So, in order to have it actually done how to use this



This time

First off hand

Twist further

It is more stable if you hold the frame like this when you show it to your opponent

It is easier to understand how to think the frame part is a "handle" rather than a frame

It is also possible to hang somewhere to hang this way

It is possible to shoot like this even when the other side can not be seen by the crowd.

It is like an image like this

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