Panasonic releases the world's first full HD television "3D VIERA" compatible television

Panasonic today looking through the dedicated shutter glasses images that are alternately played toward the left and right eyes "Frame sequential methodAs the home high definition television adopting the world's first 3D television "3D VIERAWe announced.

Not only has it become possible to enjoy 3D stereoscopic images newly, but also all the high image quality improvement functions are packed in, the world's highest contrast of 5 million to 1 andMovie resolutionIn addition to the conventional model, it achieves lower power consumption.

Details are as below.
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According to the release, Panasonic is unlikely to release from April 23, the "VT2 series" as the first installment of the 3D full high-definition plasma TV "3D VIERA" that employs a frame sequential method.

This is the body of the "VT 2 series".

There are two kinds of lineup, "TH - P 54 VT 2" is 54 V type, "TH - P 50 VT 2" is 50 V type, and each one comes with one "3D glass" necessary for viewing 3D video.

This is 3D glasses. By adopting a flexible structure that fits the face line and a resin material vine, we pursued "easy-to-use" that gently fits to young and old and young people, as well as two kinds of large and small nose pads and dedicated bands are prepared, It can be comfortably used even by users wearing glasses or children. It is driven by "coin type lithium battery CR 2032", weighing 63 grams.

In addition to the high-speed display performance unique to plasma displays, the VT2 series has raised the light utilization efficiency to about twice that of the 2009 model (about four times that of the 2007 model), as well as a newly developed fluorescence with a short afterglow 3D compatible "full black panel" which adopted the body etc. is carried and the 3D image in which the images for the right eye and the left eye are alternately displayed at high speed is clearly suppressed by overlapping the left and right images by the afterimage It is said that you can enjoy it.

Image of 3D image realized with full black panel

Moreover, the industry's highest 5 million to 1Native ContrastAnd contrast twice the contrast in the past (the contrast of the panel with brightness close to the actual viewing environment) has been realized, and it is possible to reproduce a high texture that "black" is clear, irrespective of 3D and 2D images. Also, when 2D video is played, it is possible to express the gradation twice as much as before, so it is possible to clearly display subtle gradations.

Black is expressed with tightening like this

Image when 3D image and 2D image are displayed

In addition, the rich color expressive power of "Hollywood color remaster" and 1080Movie resolution, The ability to automatically adjust to high image quality suitable for the viewing environment by taking advantage of human visual characteristics, and said that they pursued high image quality.

"Hollywood color remaster" realizing rich color expression of movie original

And by installing the "virtual 3D surround system" which can enjoy 5.1 ch surround of digital broadcasting in a more stereoscopic and more realistic sound field only with 2.1 channel speaker of the main body, I am giving it.

Incidentally, in the case of the 50 V type, the power consumption has been reduced by about 13% compared with the conventional product, the viewing environment is detected by the sensor, the automatic adjustment to the appropriate brightness and image quality, or not used according to the viewing state of the television "Ekonabi" which reduces unnecessary power of equipment such as recorder seems to save electricity.

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