Presenting Nintendo's comment "Only the iPod touch got bigger" by Nintendo's president would be like this

Nintendo's President Satoshi Iwata told the company's "iPad" announced on January 28th of Japan time in an interview conducted on the company's third quarter 2009 results briefing held on January 29 about"IPod touch just got biggerAlthough I made an evaluation that it is an image image expressing easily what it is like in Nintendo style.

Details are as below.
This is the image image. It has become a Nintendo-like jokes that "When you add Mario's Super Mushrooms to iPod touch, it became an iPad!"

By the way,The size of iPod touch is 110 mm × 61.8 mm × 8.5 mm (length × width × depth), Whereas,The iPad is 242.8 mm × 189.7 mm × 13.4 mmAnd, since the vertical and horizontal size is about 6.8 times and the thickness is about 1.6 times, it surely becomes bigger size up.

In addition, according to the following link, President Iwata said that in addition to evaluating against iPad, as for 3D games Sony plans to expand on PS3, as long as you see a 3D movie like avatar in a movie theater, When doing it is a drastic view that it is doubtful whether or not to wear 3D special glasses.

Nintendo boss: No surprises in iPad - Yahoo! News UK

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