Nintendo, considering introducing video distribution service for Wii and Nintendo DS

Mobile game machine"Nintendo DS" topped 100 million units soldOther than that, stationary game machine"Wii" also exceeded 50 million units soldAlthough it is very strong Nintendo, etc., it seems that introduction of video distribution service is being considered.

As it is a platform that is widespread globally, I am concerned about whether it will be realized or not.

Details are as follows.
Nintendo Plans on Video Service for the Wii and DS | Gossip Gamers

According to this article, it is said that Nintendo's president Satoshi Iwata interviewed Wii and Nintendo DS for video distribution services in an interview conducted by the Wall Street Journal.

This is to make it possible for Nintendo DS to enjoy videos downloaded with Wii, which means that it will be a slightly different "Nintendo-like thing" from the video distribution service Sony and Microsoft is doing.

The content and price of the service and the timing of the service are not disclosed, but we will start with service in Japan first, confirm the response and then expand service to North America and Europe It is done.

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