Russian stray dogs who became smart enough to commute by train

Russian stray dogs are steadily getting smarter, and they ride a train every morning and come to search for food from the suburbs to the center of the town. You are taking action to threaten people who have hot dogs and drop food or get food by grabbing your head with your legs and returning to a relatively safe suburb in the evening Thing.

Many appearances of dogs repeating such "commuting" lying on the seat in the car are slowly lying.

Details are as below.
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Occupying the seat dignifiedly.

Does the dog stand still in the train tired?

I am quite right.

A dog waiting for a train that can ride.

A coat instead of a pillow.

Humans sleep on the floor.

A dog sleeping in the Moscow subway. I notice that I arrived at the station and get off.
YouTube - The Dog in Moscow Subway

According to Moscow ecologist, stray dogs used the train from the 1990's. It seems now that it has the ability to discriminate the station from which the train is descending and crosses the road distinguishing the signal.

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