Finally multi-touch compatible light weight tablet "EeePC T91MT" launched, SSD with one seg support

ASUS tablet netbook "EeePC T91MT", which was a concern since the exhibition at the world's largest home appliance trade fair "CES 2009" held in Las Vegas last January, was a year It was officially announced at last after the time of.

Since the display corresponding to the multi-touch interface which can be operated with fingers and stylus is a tablet model which rotates by 180 degrees, it is a lightweight model that can be used not only as a laptop computer but also as a handwritten tablet, a digital photo frame, and a one-segment television .

Details are as below.
Happily! Smartly! Eee PC Touch series "Eee PC T91MT" compatible with multi-touch announcement | ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

According to the release of ASUS, from January 30 (Saturday) it will release a tablet type netbook "EeePC T91MT" compatible with multi-touch interface. The suggested retail price is 59,800 yen.

"Eee PC T91MT" is compatible with Windows 7 multi-touch, you can zoom in and zoom out and rotate images by touching the screen with two finger gestures, use the attached stylus pen Handwriting input is also possible. It also has its own "Touch Gate" mode which enables intuitive operation.

This is "EeePC T91MT". The main body color is two colors of white and black and the main body weight is 960 g

8.9 inch wide touch screen liquid crystal of Intel's Atom processor Z520 (1.3 GHz), 2 GB memory, 32 GB SSD, 1024 × 768 (initial setting is 1024 × 600), One Seg tuner, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 300 thousand pixel camera, IEEE 802.11 B / g / n compatible wireless LAN, 100BASE - TX compatible wired LAN etc, and adopt Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit regular version as OS

The attached stylus pen is designed to be stored in a magnetic type

Of course it corresponds to operation with fingers

By the way it's about 5.1 hours, though it's a battery-driven time to worry about.

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