Voice Actor Takashi Kondo's Special Announce on Bizan Aerial Tramway in Machi★Asobi Vol.2

On the last Machi★Asobi vol.1, an anime and sightseeing event held in Tokushima city, voice actress Maaya Sakamoto did special announce to introduce the city of Tokushima on Bizan Aerial Tramway. This time on Machi☆Asobi vol.2, Takashi Kondo(Toriko, Kate-kyo Hitman) was chosen as a announcer.

Read on for detail.

Awa Odori Kaikan, starting station of Bizan Aerial Tramway was also the site for Shonen Jump’s "JUMP SHOP".

Let's take a ride.
YouTube - Takashi Kondo's announcement on Bizan Aerial Tramway 1/2

Unfortunately there was a little cloud blocking our view.

But since the air was cold and clear, we could locate Tokushima station and Castle Mountain behind it.

Toward the mouth of Shinmachigawa river.

NHK's new TV drama Wel-Kame is also set in Tokushima area.

Last time there were stages and food stalls on this parking lot. It's almost empty this time.

This is how it was on the last time.

A Pagoda. There was free screening of Kara no Kyokai, Cencoroll and Yawarakame on the last time.

Viewing toward Mt. Kenzan.

Some mountains are covered with snow.

Bizan also had snow.

Tokushima area is rather more temperate than other areas in Japan, but still you need enough cold protection.

Now going down the tramway.
YouTube - Takashi Kondo's announcement on Bizan Aerial Tramway 2/2

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