Durable cell phone that should not be broken, happening happens easily easily

Casio sells for au Waterproof / shock resistant mobile phone"G'z One" seriesIt is a long time since mobile phones that sold waterproof performance and robustness such as waterproof performance, etc. have appeared for a long time but happening that reporters who were covering a robust cell phone that should not be broken destroy the cell phone easily Occurred.

Details are as below.
BBC News - Reporter breaks an 'unbreakable' mobile phone at CES

According to this article, it seems that a durable "unbreakable" mobile phone with shock and waterproof processing was exhibited at the 2010 "International International CES" trade fair held in the United States now.

And when I tried to test whether this cell phone was actually broken or not, it seems that it broke easily easily, and that state is introduced in the movie.

This is that mobile phone. It is the reporter on the left and the explanatory on the right

I immediately immersed it in water

It works without problems

Even if it is placed at the bottom of a tank, there seems to be no particular influence

Of course you can also receive calls

Pulled up from water

It seems that there is still no problem

Suddenly the reporter struck the liquid crystal part of the mobile phone four times over Kad of the aquarium. It is only a matter of a few seconds, the damage looks pretty big

The liquid crystal screen is broken, the backlight is lit but not displayed

The explanatory person has only to laugh

The liquid crystal screen is a very weak part of mobile phones, but it seems to be an easy-to-understand example that it is broken when doing such unreasonable things, even if it is a mobile phone designed to be hard to break.

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