Opening Animation, Storyboard and other Internal Documents Leaked of Upcoming Anime "Katanagatari"

12 episodes (1hr each) of the upcoming samurai anime epic Katanagatari, based on the popular light novel series by Nisio Isin, are to be aired one episode per month starting from this January.

Recently some videos including the opening animation of this upcoming anime came out on the web, along with other leaked materials such as the storyboard, scripts and character design sketches.

Read on for details and pics.
Katanagatari - Nishio Ishin Anime Project

Here's the opening anime posted on YouTube. This was never officially released, and there's no credit nor lyrics superimposed yet, except for the red letters "Timing" in the bottom right.
YouTube - Katanagatari - Opening Animation

And here's a list of other leaked materials that came out on some warez. You can see bunch of files named "Character Designs", "Final Manuscripts", "Latest Drafts", "Opening", "Storyboards" and "Ending". Almost everything aside from the actual anime episodes seem to be leaked.

We can't tell how serious a damage has been done, this incident sure has boosted interest for the anime and might actually work in favour, though we guess it's safe to assume this was not intentionally done by the animation team. This is too big to be a promotional ploy.

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